Monday, 2 May 2011

☆Disney Nail Art Contest Part 1☆

 I've completed my entry for the Disney Nail Art Contest held by Orlica!
I picked a theme from the movie Cinderella☆ 

 All entries are posted on her blog now,
that means I can show you my entry in more detail here!

First, I have to apologise for the messy background
and the poor lighting(´ω`;)

I started working on my nails in the morning and took me
until the night which meant that I had to work 
using my small desk lamp (。・ε・。)

Ok, here we go!
This is my design plan
...yes, I can't start designing on my nails straight away.

I extended my short nails with acrylics 
to get more space to decorate.

Then I applied baby blue and white shimmer nail polish.

Airbrushed with purple and royal blue
to make a gradient effect.

Hand painting from here...
Can you guess what it is??

It's supposed to be a pumpkin carriage!

...add some more details...

I just love this gold acrylic paint!!

Added some swirls around each nail with a gold colour.

And then I drew the Cinderella Castle in Disney Land!!

It was quite hard work because it's so tiny...
I compared my finger to the image that I copied, hahaha.

And a Cinderella silhouette on my thumb.
I didn't like her hair style here so I changed it a bit later.

From here, I started some acrylic 3D work.
I might continue with the next post because it's getting long!

If you'd like to see other peope's awesome entries, 
(and I'd be really happy if you could vote* for me~!!)
*You can vote ONLY after joining Orlica's Google Friend Connect
(Following) is completed:D

See you soon!!

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  1. This is really amazing, I'm suprised you have so little comments.... you are really talented:)