Wednesday, 30 September 2009


My client came in today and said I could do whatever I wanted on her nails so this is what happened! I used acrylic in nebula, lime rind, and purple passion. I alternated different colors on the nails and tips. I also used a frankenstein and witch fimo clay from Of course I had to add a few dots here and there. HAPPY HAUNTING!

These nails are done with northern lights and then I used purple passion acrylic at the smile line and faded it up into the white. I used clay witches on the ring fingers from none other than


These are acrylic nails in nebula black with ezflow candy corn orange at the tip. I added fimo clay jack o'lanterns from on the ring fingers. My client was feeling wild today so we went even further and added black and orange dots with polish at the smile line.


These nails have a fimo clay BOO! on the ring fingers. I painted black tiger stripes at an angle on all of the nails.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

☆☆☆New Nail Design☆☆☆

Hello hello~!!
I hope you had a wonderful weekend!!

My new nail tips are finally ready to wear(^-^)v
He he he, putting lots of acrylic decorations is my favourite thing to do!
I hope you like them!!

When I wear them, they look like this...

...twinkle twinkle...(^-^)

I used Cherry Blossom Candy from Nails
as base tips, he he.
(Nails Etoile is currently unavailable. sorry!)

Thank you for visiting!! Have a good day!!


This is very personal thing, but I can't hold it back!!
Please let me share this with you!!

My favourite Australian Football League(AFL) team won the grand final!!
This was the first time for me to follow a sporting team passionately,
and the team finished with the best possible result!! I'm so lucky...(´∀`)

My boyfriend and I watched on TV, and when the last siren went off 
we went crazy!! Jumping up and down and crying and screaming...!!!
It was fabulous...(≧∀≦)v

Thank you Geelong CATS!!

Monday, 28 September 2009


It's time for Halloween nails! I added acrylic in candy corn by ezflow at the smile line. On the ring finger there is a fimo clay spider from I also added black tiger stripes at an angle with a striping brush. Happy Halloween!


I used two colors of acrylic here in purple spinel and plum loco. I added fimo clay leaves that I purchased from I also added dots with polish.

Friday, 25 September 2009


This is my client that started the whole dot trend. These nails are done with acrylic in polar bear. I added fimo clay dots that I purchased from I just love these dots. I would love to do a set with orange and black for halloween. I can't wait for Halloween nails!


These are acrylic nails I used acrylic in northern lights and added purple passion at the smile line. On the ring fingers I added smiley faces made of fimo clay and added purple passion acrylic at the tip. Last but not least I added white dots with polish. Don't worry be happy!

Thursday, 24 September 2009


I did these nails with acrylic in black hole. I added fimo clay flowers and then I did little white dots with polish.


These nails are done in northern lights and then I added silver at the smile line in carnival queen by ezflow.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

☆Halloween Nails☆

Good evening~!!
...and long time no see~(^^;
I'm sorry...

I started designing another set of

new nail tips for my self!

Big bows and a lot of pinks again(^^;

I still have to dry the top coat

and apply Ready To Wear Coat on the back
so that I can wear them and show you(^ω^)

By the way!
I've deigned a few Halloween nails,
using mainly acrylics...

What am I making??


Yep!! It's a pumpkin~!!

Please try it when you design your Halloween nails!!

There are more Halloween Nailsthat I designed recently at Nails!

Please visit and have a look!!
(My nail tip store: Nails
(Nails Etoile is currently unavailable. Updated Jan.2011)

He he he.
Hope you don't mind if I share my favourites with you...
This is Princess Gisellefrom the Disney movie "Enchanted".

She is sooo beautiful!!

One day, I'll become like

Thank you for visiting~!!


Monday, 21 September 2009


These nails I did with polar bear acrylic. I added punk pink near the smile line and added tiger stripes with polish.

These are acrylic nails in nebula (my favorite color). I added white tiger stripes with polish.


This is very similar to another set of nails I did before. They were so cute that my client wanted to do them but we made them just a little bit different. The silver on the tips is acrylic ezflow in carnival queen. It's a really cool color because it has little flecks of other colors in it. I think I might have to copy these on myself when I get my nails done next time.

Saturday, 19 September 2009


This is a fade that I did with hot kiss near the tip of the nail and plum loco near the smile line. I added clay butterflies that I purchased from I also added blue dots with polish.


On these nails I first applied the barbie pink acrylic and pulled pink. Then I took my carbide drill bit and made a straight line across the top of the nails without drilling all the way through. I put chocolate brown acrylic in the area I drilled out. Then I did the filing and finished with a gel top coat. Just for some extra fun I did the opposite color scheme on the ring finger.


This is a fimo clay leaf that I purchased from I placed the leaves on the ring fingers. You can see them better if you click directly on the picture. The color of acrylic is one that I mixed myself. I really like this color for fall.


These are fimo clay watermelons that I purchased from First I place a thin layer of acrylic then while it's still slightly wet I put the piece of clay on. Then I cap over that with clear acrylic. The green is called key lime. I added dots with polish. All of my nails are acrylic with a gel top coat.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


These are acrylic nails in Barbie pink. I added fimo clay dots in pink and black. I purchased the clay dots at


These are acrylic nails done with blue and white. I did the opposite color scheme on the ring fingers and added fimo clay flowers to complete the look.

Monday, 14 September 2009


So many of you may have noticed I haven't updated my blog for awhile. Well my husband took my camera on a 2 week trip! Rude! (I tried to hide the camera but he knows me too well and he found it) So now both him and the camera are back! Hooray! These nails have black and white fimo clay flowers with turqoise acrylic. I added black and white dots with nail polish. Very Fun!


This is silver acrylic from ez flow the black dots are from cinapro.

Monday, 7 September 2009

☆New Nail Designs☆


I'm very happy lately

the weather here is getting better and better!!

It started getting warmer and I can see
some blue sky more often(^0^)yay!!

I went to the park with my boyfriend on Sunday
and practiced kicking a football(^^)v


I'm not a very good kicker as you can see(^-^;


I just forgot to introduce you to my new nail tip designs
which were added a little while ago

on Nails Etoile...(´∀`;

Pop Butterfly Nail Tips

Cherry Blossom Candy Nail Tips


Wonder Land Nail Tips
The 3rd one,
the Wonder Land design is my favourite(≧∀≦)v

Please visit and have a closer look at
these new additions and more designs(・∀・)/
(Nails Etoile is currently unavailable. Updated Jan.2011)
Have a good night!!

Friday, 4 September 2009


These are acrylic nails. First I added the bronze gold acrylic then I used my migi nail art pen and painted random black circles. Finally I added hot pink acrylic to the middle of the black dots. I capped the design with clear acrylic and finished with a gel top coat for extra shine! Meow!


These are acrylic nails with barbie pink added at the smile line.


This client of mine had acrylic nails and decided to take them off. I soaked them off and applied opi gel polish in louvre me louvre me not to her nails and toes. This gel polish is truly amazing. It lasts 2 weeks or more without chipping.