Friday, 27 February 2009

☆New Designs at Nails Etoile☆

Looong time no see~ m(u.u)m I'm sorry!!

I hope you had a wonderful St.Valentine's day
on 14th of February(^3^)/

Did you do anything special??

I've heard that boys give girls lingerie for
a Valentine's day in western countries.
How interesting!!

In Japan, it's common for girls to give boys chocolates.
There are two types of chocolate...

One is for general boys.
For example, class mates, colleagues and family.
Girls tend to buy "good value for money" chocolates for these boys.

The other one is for a boy who is special
like a boyfriend, husband or
someone you want to become your boyfriend.
Girls normally cook something using chocolate
and give it to the special boy.

It's a really good chance for a girl to show a boy that
she is in love with him(^-^)♪

Oops!! It became such a long story(^-^;

I just wanted to tell you that some
new designs have been added in Nails Etoile
(Nails Etoile is currently unavailable. Updated Jan.2011)

I hope you'll like them p(^-^)q

This is a chocolate cake which I made
for my boyfriend(^o^)v

ha ha ha!!

Thank you for visiting!!
See you soon!!


Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Gothic & Lolita Nails☆


I'm sorry for being so quiet lately...

The weather is a little strange here in Adelaide,
it's been very cold(^-^;

Normally there is no clouds and beams of sun everywhere.

Well, it's very nice to cool down a little bit(^-^)v

By the way,
I've been making a little bit different style
of nail designs,

which is Gothic and Lolita nails.
(...People call them GothLoli)
What's GothLoli fashion??-click here baby.

I like Gothic and Lolita fashion very much!
I don't wear those costumes(^-^), but
I like having dark colours and decorationg with roses and frills.

I'd like to share some of my designs with you(^3^)/


Do you think you'll like GothLoli nails on yourself??


I like drawing pictures when I'm a little tired of
doing nails(^-^)v

Thank you so much for visiting!!

Thursday, 5 February 2009

♪Chami Chami Charming♪

Ha ha ha ha hallo~(^o^)/

A new post from a very hot country~!!

Our air con is broken and I'm going crazy...aha ha haha...

So I'm not doing many new nail designs for the last few days.
please forgive me...(>_<)

For such a lazy half melted woman(me),
a little boy came to cheer(^-^)

Little boy: My name is Charming~♪
What are you doing~?♪

Me: Well, it's such a hot day,
I'm just sitting here trying not to move much...

Charming: So you are not busy~♪
You can gimme a massage~(o^-^O)♪

Me: ....
I didn't expect that...
ok...only for a short time.

Me: Are you ready??
Charming: Yep!!(o^-^o)


Me: Do you like it?
Charming: Hehehehehe! That's ticklish(o^-^o)

Me: Umm... you smell like a chicken(°∀°)v
Charming: ((°д°))))!! 
no no no no
I don't I don't I don't...!!!

...well, everything above is fiction, of course(^-^;

Charming loves snuggling even it's crazy hot like today...

Because his body temp is very high,
just touching him makes me sweat a lot!

But I can't resist this face(^-^)


bya bya