Sunday, 31 January 2010

Gosh - Gasoline

Gosh Gasoline

Oooh no! It's monday already! Time goes by way too fast, or the weekends are ridiculously too short ;-). I hope you had a good one! I couldn't resist playing with the lightbox again as you can see! :-D.

Onto the nail polish! Meet Gosh's Gasoline, a pretty purple jelly based shimmer/glitter. I adore the color of this one, the jelly base is darkmagenta, but the shimmer is a blueish purple, which really adds more contrast.

Gosh GasolineGosh Gasoline

As you can see the color really depends on the lighting! The formula was pretty good, like with all the Gosh polishes I own. However, I did find this polish to be too sheer. I applied 3 coats and left it at that, but it would've been prettier with 4.

On another note: I received a lot of tags, thank you guys!! I think it's really sweet and appreciate it a lot! However, I don't think I have the time this week to address them all and wouldn't know which one to choose since I got four different ones, so hope you'll forgive me..:-(

Thanks for reading and till next time!

Nubar - Indigo Illusion

Nubar Indigo Illusion

Hi everyone! How's everybody doing? Since it's sunday I decided I wanted to play around with the lightbox my dear stepdad made! The picture above is made in the box but with natural light, and the picture below is with the lights on. I'm still practising, it's hard to simulate natural light, especially without creating weird shadows!

Nubar Indigo Illusion

I'm loooving the polish I'm wearing today, it's a duochrome by Nubar, Indigo Illusion. Duochrome is my favorite finish ever, and this one has so many colors! Blue, pink, yellow, green, it's amazing. The formula is wonderful too, this one's already a favorite!

Saturday, 30 January 2010


These are acrylic nails in shocking pink and black onyx with 3d acrylic hearts. I used nail polish to paint the swirls.

These nails have clay dots and conversation hearts.

Koh - Black Stars

Koh Black Stars

Hi! Is everyone enjoying their weekend? I hope so! Yesterday I decided I wanted to spend a gift voucher I got for Christmas. Normally I really don't like spending a lot of money on nail polish, but gift certificates kinda take that guilty feeling away :-D. I got 2 nail polishes by Koh, a Dutch brand that many actually don't like. And this is probably due to the higher price (14 euros a bottle) and the weird formula. I didn't like it at first either but I learned that I need to use a different top coat and all is well. They do have an amazing color selection, so it's getting harder for me not to like them ;-).

Today I'm wearing Black Stars, which reminds me a bit of the $OPI 212, but I think Koh's version is more vivid. The black base is a jelly and consists out of multi colored glitter and some duochrome flakies! I think you probably either love or hate this polish, it's definitely a bit weird :-D. It's so festive and hysterical, I wish I had this last New Year's eve!

Oh btw, my dearest stepdad made us a lightbox, since the weather wasn't playing along, so I had to try it out and change pictures! The normal closeup macro's didn't turn out that great, I think the lights may be too bright or the camera isn't cooperating, but pics from further away were kinda nice!

Friday, 29 January 2010


This is my "perfectly pink" client. She loooooves pink so these nails are perfect for her. I custom mixed a glitter just for her. I named the glitter mix "cindie". Super cute nails for a super cute client!

These nails are acrylic in shocking pink and nebula. This client was a little shocked by the shocking pink but I think this might just be the start of her future pink nails.

P2 - Dangerous

P2 Dangerous

Hi guys! How are you doing today? Hope everyone is well!

Today I chose to wear something by P2 again, this is a great brand, very nice formula with a very small price tag.
Right now you're looking at the color Dangerous. Dangerous is a gorgeous teal creme, I applied 2 coats and I just can't get over how amazing this formula is.

Again, if you're ever happen to be in Germany, please check this brand out! This was it for today, thanks for looking and take care!

Thursday, 28 January 2010


Thanks to old man winter - we are being hit with a huge ice storm. We just got over one during Christmas, and now we are hit again. Luckily the newsmen were on it and most people are prepared for it this time.

So I am home today. I plan or working on my nail polish rose bouquet and tutorial for you all. Look for that contest to start Feb. 1st.

I also made an AWESOME mint green franken that I can't WAIT to share with you all!!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

H&M - My Favorite Jeans

Hii everyone! Today I'm wearing something by a brand I really love and it's not even a nail polish brand. It's H&M! They always manage to come up with nice fashionable colors for a reasonable price. The formula is pretty decent too.

Recently I bought a lot of their colors, *whoops*, but this one I've already had for a while. It's called My Favorite Jeans. I'd say the color is steelblue and it contains a lot of silver and turquoise shimmer, pretty!

I really like the sparrrklyness it possesses even though it's not a glitter. IMO, the color is a bit too light, this looks nothing like my own pair of favorite jeans :-D. Overall, I think it's a pretty color, but I'm not in love!

Oops, I've got to run! Thanks for stopping by and take care :-).


This is a warning to all of my clients: I just went a little crazy buying new nail art stuff. It may be even harder to choose what you want on your nails at your next appointment but don't worry, they will be super cool!
On these nails I used glitter from

I created little 3d acrylic flowers all over these nails.

This is a mix of clear glitter I created that I named "Brandy" after a super cool client of mine!


Did that get your attention? This mani is so much more pretty in real life. Sometimes my camera can make things look better than they are, other times, like now, not look as good. This is so shiny and glossy that I can't quit looking at it and buffing up the shine on my clothes.

I used three coats of Rimmel in Purple Rain and two coats of Sally Hansen in Electrode. LOVES IT!

BONUS: Some pics of Little, it's been awhile since you guys last saw him :)


These colors were two that I picked up during my big Sally's haul. Both of these were on the regular rack, so you should be able to find these fairly easy.

Just from looking at the bottles I could tell that both of these were fairly sheer, maybe even jellies. So I knew before getting them that they weren't going to be opaque. I was really intrigued by the white one, Moonlight, and couldn't wait to try it.

This is three coats. I wish this were just a TAD bit more like the color in the bottle. I realize this will be used for doing french mani's so I am ok with the sheerness of it. But with just a bit more color, this would rock! I would call this a jelly. I almost painted my tips white, but decided against it so that you could really see an actual "swatch" of this color on it's own. I am still planning on doing a regular french with this soon though to show you all how this color looks for the way it was intended.

Oh, how I love thee, let me count the ways baby! I just KNEW I was going to like this color when I saw it in Sally's, I just knew it. When I got home from that monster haul, THIS was the color I tried first. By looking at it in the bottle, I thought it looked like it could be a jelly, it kind of had that translucent thing going on. I wasn't prepared for how great it would make my nails look though! I think this color makes my nails just look so healthy and pretty! I am wearing three coats in the pictures, but this color is definitely buildable. I can't believe I have never heard anyone rave about this color before. I even went on the nail polish gallery and couldn't find a single pic of it or find anything about it on MUA either. And to top it all off, it is a JELLY!!!!!! Oh man, I'm in heaven with this one. Only one thing I would change, the name. The name of this needs to be MILK, it is a perfect name and it needs to be changed stat!
Also, this was the base coat I used for my Money in the Bank mani the other day. I did use four coats of this for that mani, so you can really see how buildable this color is.