Sunday, 26 July 2009


It was a frog inspired weekend! These are two different sets of frog nails. The frog is made from fimo clay and can be purchased through On both sets of nails I put a thin layer of acrylic and then placed the frog on the nail. Then I covered over it with acrylic. I finished off with a gel top coat! Ribbit, ribbit!

Friday, 24 July 2009


Sometimes my clients really surprise me with the ideas they come up with. I have to say it's my clients ideas that turn out to be some of the funnest and cutest nails! I couldn't keep up the creativity without all of you so thanks! This time I put the dots down into the pink and then added flowers on the ring fingers. The colored acrylic is called "flamingo"


This is a fimo clay watermelon. I layed it into the acrylic and added pink tips to match. Now I'm craving watermelon!

Summer Flowers

This is a real dried pink flower on the ring finger. I added little purple mylar flowers on all the nails.


These are flower decals that I layed into the acrylic. I have done something similar to this but I love the dark purple that I did here.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009


This is a fabulous client of mine! I did acrylic that I mixed with art glitter by Barbara Trombley called "barbies" I added the little dots that are from cinapro. And last but not least I added the black dots with polish.

Sunday, 19 July 2009


I love the color combination here. I used Martha Stewart glitter in tourmaline mixed with clear acrylic. I added the yellow flowers into the acrylic and last but not least I added my signature white dots with nail polish.


These are similar to some I already posted. These are yellow fimo clay flowers. I added the little white dots with nail polish.

Friday, 17 July 2009


This is a fabulous client of mine named Maddy! She is a future famous ice skater. We used China Glaze green nail polish on her and lots of fun skull and rock star nail decals. YOU ROCK MADDY!!!!!

These are rock star nails! They are Rock Star and Nautical Star decals that I layed into the acrylic. If you want to comment on any of my photos just click comments directly under the picture and type in your comment. I love to hear your feedback! Thanks!


All of these flowers are made from fimo polymer clay. I placed a thin layer of acrylic on the nails and then put the flowers on. I covered them with a thin layer of acrylic and finished off with a gel top coat to make them extra shiny.


Click directly on this picture to view it better.
This is a fabulous client of mine named Amber. She loves cupcakes! She makes the most amazing cupcakes. She has a blog You should check out her blog and definitely try to get a hold of some of her cupcakes. Delicious! Oh sorry I started thinking about cupcakes and forgot to describe the nails. These are little cupcake nail decals that I covered with clear acrylic.

Thursday, 16 July 2009


These nails I did for a black and white party! I used acrylic in nebula on the ring fingers and shiney on the other fingers. I painted the tiger stripes on using a striping brush. I hope the party is as fun as the nails!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


This is purple acrylic in aurora. A majority of the acrylic colors I use I mix myself. I use art glitter by Barbara Trombley. You can purchase it at She has some amazing colors! I mix 3 parts clear acrylic with 1 part glitter. The yellow flower is a real dried flower.

○°☆Miracle Magic○°☆

Good Morning~!!

I saw a magical rainbow this morning!!

What a MIRACLE!!!!

I wish everyone I can share this miracle with
will have a wonderfully happy day today!!!!


Monday, 13 July 2009


These are Birthday nails. I used polar bear art glitter mixed with clear acrylic. The polka dots are from I used a thin coat of acrylic and added the dots then I capped them with clear acrylic. I hope you enjoy your nails Mia!

Disposable Gloves (^ω^)/

Every Monday is my big cleaning day!!

I use a LOT of VERY dangerous detergents...he he he~!!
...Just joking(^-^)v

I mainly use cleaning agents which are not harmful
for animals, soil or water,
but, they still can dry my hands out(^-^;

So, I use these disposable plastic gloves

I was cleaning Charming's (my birdie's) cage...

I wear these gloves after applying thick cream on my hands.

This is like wearing a wrap,
and will make my hands nice and soft
by the time I finish cleaning everything p(^-^)q

The reason why I don't use proper gloves is
because of the soft feeling linings inside which
will absorb the hand cream and
get dirty.

If you're interested,
 I recommend to use powder free or
powder less disposable gloves,
so it doesn't make your hands powdery white in the end.

These are my new nail tips
Pink and blue bows with lots of stars!!

And there is a nail pierce as well!!
                                     ...this one.

These little additions will be available at
my nail tip store soon!! He he he~!!!

Thank you~(^0^)/

Charming had a bath today,
and he soaked his tummy!
He is like "...huh? What are you lookin at??"

Don't catch a cold Charmin!!

Sunday, 12 July 2009


Is it possible to be in love with nails? I just love love love these nails. They are too much fun! Once again this is polymer clay that I purchased from The turquoise blue acrylic mimics the ocean and then we have all sorts of fun stuff to go with it...

A beach ball...

A sand pail...

An umbrella...

A sandcastle...

last but not least you can't forget your flip flops!!!

Friday, 10 July 2009


This is black and white stripe ribbon. It's sooo easy to do. The hardest part about using ribbon on nails is simply finding ribbon that is small enough. If anyone out there finds some fabulous good quality tiny ribbon please let me know! Click on comment at the bottom of this blog to leave me a message. Thanks!


The battery in my camara died right after I took this picture so even though it's not a perfect shot I'm happy I got it. These toes I did with acrylic. The cherry is made from polymer clay that I purchased from I added the little red dots with nail polish.


These nails are so colorful and fun. The yellow acrylic is called "canary". I used little mylar flowers, rings and dots in a variety of colors. I hope you enjoy them!


I did these nails and toes with acrylic. The skulls are decals that I put under the acrylic. The black acrylic is an art glitter called "nebula".

Wednesday, 8 July 2009


These fish and bubbles are made from fimo polymer clay. They can be purchased from They are fun and easy to work with! I used white tips and a light blue acrylic called "blue boy". I hope the fish don't swim away! Ha! Ha!

I recently got this new pink acrylic. The color is called "barbie". I added dried flowers to match on the ring fingers.

Bouquet of Flowers!

These pink flowers are made from fimo polymer clay. I put a thin layer of acrylic down and placed the flowers on the nails. Then I covered them with a thin layer of acrylic. It's like having a little bouquet of flowers right on your nails. If you click right on the picture you can see a closer view of the nails.

These yellow flowers are made from fimo polymer clay. I put a thin layer of acrylic down first and placed the flowers on the nails. Then I covered them with a thin layer of acrylic. They are perfect for summer.

Friday, 3 July 2009


These mylar flowers I ordered from e-bay. The little rings and dots are made by cinapro. You can purchase some of the nail art stuff I use from Color My Nails school. On some of the fingers I put the flowers down into the pink. I think it's a fun touch! I hope you enjoy my latest blogs.