Friday, 19 August 2011

No. 7 Beautifully Matte Foundation & Forever Cherry Lipstick.

As I'm sure you're all aware, the Boots £5 No. 7 vouchers are back on! I bought a couple of nice things yesterday, and ended up getting a free gift (when you spend over £22) which I'll no doubt be posting about.

I got my friend Kerry, who is a No. 7 makeup artist, to match me up on No. 7 for a new foundation. I have quite a few foundations on the go at the moment but none are properly my colour or just aren't working for me at the moment. She suggested trying Beautifully Matte for my normal/combination (slightly oily) skin type. She spent ages matching me up, bless her! We eventually settled on 05 Cream, and after trying it on today I think it looks perfect.
I've been meaning to find a cheaper alternative to my MAC and Clinique foundations for some time, I find that my skin seems to get used to products pretty quickly so I'm always rotating what I use which I think works well for me.

Beautifully Matte is quite a full coverage foundation, it contains an oil-absorbing powder to absorb the excess oils, which is perfect for my skin type.
I applied it with my Sigma Flat Top Kabuki Brush, which I highly recommend, and absolutely loved the results! It goes on really well, without looking heavy, and gives a natural matte finish.
I applied a highlighter to my cheekbones to make me look a bit more "glowing" and always added a bit of powder on top to my T-zone.
I'd really recommend this foundation, I think it is my new firm favourite!

I also bought a lipstick in Forever Cherry, which is one of the new ones from the Wild Volume range. I've never really been into red lipsticks but I think this is quite easy to wear because it has pink undertones and is still very creamy. My lips get really dry, but this helps to keep them moisturised without making them look flaky and also stays on for so long!

What has everyone spent their vouchers on?

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