Sunday, 29 November 2009


These are fimo clay candy canes that I purchased from

One these nails I added sequins into the acrylic and painted on snowflakes.

On these nails I did a fade and added fimo clay snowmen on the ring fingers from I also painted on snowflakes.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009


These are acrylic nails. I used white tips and art glitter in blue boy. It is a very subtle glittery blue. So pretty for winter. I added clay snowmen with a blue background to look like a snowglobe on the ring fingers. I painted shimmery blue and silver snowflakes with a migi nail art pen from on all of the fingers.

The snowflakes on these nails are fimo clay from

On these nails I made a 3D snowman on the ring fingers. First I added 3 small white balls of acrylic for the body. Then I used my migi nail art pens to paint eyes, buttons, a carrot nose, stick arms, a scarf, and a hat.

On these nails I added fimo clay candy trees on the ring fingers from

Monday, 23 November 2009

New Macaron Earrings♪

Did you have a good weekend??

I had a very good weekend!!
Well, it's not that big a thing but
I finally broke my Scotch Finger biscuit successfully!!

Yaaay!! he he he...

This is a very short post,
I just wanted to show you my new handmade earrings☆

There are strawberries, blue berries and whipped cream
sandwiched in a baby pink Macaron (^-^)
If you'd like to see more photos, please click here!!
(Nails Etoile is currently unavailable. Sorry!) 

I hope you like them(^-^)

I did some more drawings...he he he.

It's hard to see, but It's Charming, my bird(^-^)v
When he is sleepy, he gets puffy like this!

Thank you for visiting!!

Saturday, 21 November 2009


These are acrylic nails done with a color from the ez flow mardi gras collection in grand parade and art glitter in mystery. I added sequins into the acrylic on all of the nails and finished by painting silver snowflakes with my migi nail art pen. In my clients words "they are magical!" LOVE these nails!


Can you believe Christmas is coming? I am so excited I already have 2 Christmas trees up! I was even more excited to start doing Christmas nails. Christmas is my favorite holiday. Did I mention that I love Christmas? Ok now about the nails, I used fimo clay peppermints from The toes are gel glitter toes.


This is opi gel nail polish in strawberry margarita. I added nautical star stickers on the ring fingers.


I painted snowflakes on all of these nails using my migi nail art pen.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Winter Nails & Christmas Nails ミ☆

Look at this!!


It was over 40 degrees yesterday!!
(The middle number is the outside temp)

Few... Luckily it's much cooler and even rained a little today.

I just added some new nail designs

in my nail tip store!!
I hope you'll like them.
(If you're interested in more details, please click the name of each Nail Tip)

 This is Princess Rose,
decorated with acrylic roses and small holograms.

This one is Pink Snow,
these snowflakes are designed with an airbrush.

This is Winter Fairy,
soft airbrush and sparkling stones are very princessy(^-^)

And this is Happy Holiday!!,
this design has lots and lots of decorations!!!

My favourite is Winter Fairy(^-^)
I like twinkles with lots of stones and holograms!!

Were you able to find your favourite??
Or are you looking for different colours or designs??

Please let me know what you think about these designs!!
I would also love to hear what type of nails

you'd like to wear daily or for special occasions(^-^)

Thank you for visiting!!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Pen Tablet _Ф(°∀°)ー☆

It's very hot in here lately...
My  thermometer is showing the room temp (top)
and outside temp(middle).

I'm scared to see 40 in this...I'll definitely melt,
 I'll melt like a piece of chocolate...
mmm...I feel like eating chocolates....
...yes this warm temp makes my brain work in a weird way
 (well, mine's originally works in that way!! ha ha!!).

I've got my new toy the other day!!!!!
Which is...

A Pen Tablet!!!


Where it all begins~!!!
(Inside of the box...)

What you can do with this is
write and draw super easily without using a mouse!!

Like this...!!
Drawing is one of my biggest hobbies, but
it was very hard for me to draw things using a mouse,
 because I'm left handed!

The savior who told me about this pen tablet is
a graphic designer and my sister,
Princess Violet!!
(Thank you very much for telling me about
such a useful thing, Violet!!!!)

He he he,
I've tried drawing something as soon as I opened the box(^-^)
This is step 1- rough sketch.

Step 2- I don't know what this step is called.

Step 3- colouring and done!!
This is Charming, my cockatiel.
He often appears on my nail website

Well, after enjoying drawing Charming,
a good girl (me) went back to work and
did some winter nail designs...(^-^)

Please let me share my new designs with you
as soon as they're completed!!

Thank you for being patient with half melted me~!!
See you~!!

Monday, 16 November 2009

☆A Little Break☆

I've been doing lots of nail designs and tutorials lately,

so I had a little break(^-^)v

He he he~,
this is my best break time friend


Arnott's Scotch Finger biscuits with chocolate~!!!

I love this brand "Arnott's"
because all of their snacks I've bought so far
are very yummy,
and they have such a cute birdie on their logo.


The biscuit itself looks like this,
you break it in half along the middle line.


I normally use a tissue so that

my hands don't get chocolaty...

Ok, let's crack this in half....



It broke!!!

Well, it wasn't that successful,

but I really enjoyed this biscuit, especially

when I dip it in nice hot chocolate and whipped cream(^-^)v


He he he, it was my little break...
Please try this, I promise you won't regret!!

Thank you~!!

Saturday, 14 November 2009


These two pictures are of two of my sister-in-laws. They had no idea that they both chose a similar design. The dots are fimo clay from


On these nails I used black acrylic in black hole. I added hot pink mylar on top of the black and a little line of hot kiss acrylic at the smile line.


This is gel nail polish in "lincoln park after dark". It is a gel nail polish made by opi and it lasts for 2-3 weeks without chipping!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009


On these nails we wanted to do something that would go with a twilight theme. I used silver fairy dust glitter mixed with clear acrylic. I added a few of my own black stars. On the ring fingers I added a few black and silver dots with polish.

These are fimo clay turkeys on the ring fingers from

More nails I did this week.....
These are acrylic nails in hibiscus. I added fimo clay flowers and dots with polish.

These nails are done with ezflow acrylic in boogie fever. I also added little dots from cinapro and a real dried flower on the ring fingers.

Saturday, 7 November 2009


On these nails I mixed a gold glitter called fairy dust that I found at Joanne's fabric store with clear acrylic. I then added more gold and hot pink stars of my own. As a finishing touch I added some gold and pink dots with polish. Click directly on the picture to get a much better close up view of these nails.


On these nails I used star ribbon on the ring fingers. This cute purple color is called hot lava. I added a black star and dot at the tip of each finger. We got a little more creative and finished the nails off with polished black and white dots.


On these nails I did a fade with acom and red oak. I added red fimo clay flowers.

This is also a fade I did with abyss and black hole. I added silver dots on the ring fingers that I purchased from cinapro.


These are Dallas Cowboys Nails!