Thursday, 30 October 2008

Nail Tip Stand*('o')~*

Good afternoon!

It's just after lunch time here in Adelaide...
a little bit sleepy with full stomach...(^v^)

When you make your original design nail tips, 
how do you work on them??

I always use these things...('o')/

I made them..!!!
(no, my boyfriend made them(^w^))))

It's very simple, all you need is to find some
normal hooks from a hardware store and screw them into a piece of wood.

And I use Blu Tack on top.
(Blu Tack is sticky soft rubber thing to stick posters on the wall)

They are very convenient!

So, please try this out for yourself if you are looking for 
something useful for designing nail tips.

I recommend using thick wood(mine are 2cm tall) 
to keep it stand up, and comfortable to hold as well.

And please ask somebody to help screwing nice and straight 
before you hurt your hands and nails(^v^)v

Thank you~!!

p.s If you have any designs you would like me to show you how to do it,
please ask me by sending comment(^o^)/

Please have a look at my nail art gallery as well...!

Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Hello hello~(^o^)/

These are the designs I did today.

Stripes and Acrylic 3D Designs(^o^)

I'm going to show you how I do the stripe design with nail polishes today!!

Sometimes the brush with nail polish bottle is too wide to draw thin lines,

but we can make it by overlapping each colour!

1. Draw a line with 1st colour on all fingernails
(to allow first few nails to dry)

2. Draw 2nd line with different colour,
overlapping a little on 1st colour

3. Draw 3rd line, overlapping a little again

4. Continue untill colours fill the entire nail

5. Apply top coat and decorate as you like!

I hope you enjoy designing your lovely nails(^v^)v

Heve a great day~!!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Permanent French(^3^)/***


Do you like having french nails??

I love french nails because they look very elegant and sweet as well(^v^)'s quite difficult to make them perfect, isn't it...(-_-)

I found a tiny detail which can improve the look of permanent french nails;

(french nails made with white and pink acrylics).

That is PINCHING...!!

Pinching is a very important step to make a nice C curve on the free edges 

as well as making your artificial nails strong.

The middle finger is pinched while the index finger is not.

The difference is big, isn't it??

When you look from above, the index finger looks wider and fatter 

(even considering the middle fingernail is normally wider than the index fingernail!!)

   So, maybe this is something we can add as an important step in making 

beautiful and strong permanent french nails(^o^)q

See you next time...!!!!

Thursday, 23 October 2008



How are you??

I just did Nail Extension(Acrylic) on myself.

Please have a look! hope you'll like them(^o^)v

They look like french, but I put more white...they look very long!

How to do it???

Prep your nail for acrylics
...then apply white mixture on extending part and shape it to oval.

apply small ball of mixture on bottom side

make it straight to the middle

do the same on the other side and shape the middle corner with smaller brush

fill the gap with clear mixture
(recommend you to make mixture quite soft to prevent bubble in the middle corner)
Shape them with board and buffer, and THATS IT!!

I hope it was understandable.

I would be very happy to hear any question from you!

Please send me e-mail or comment(^o^)/

See you next time!!

Thursday, 16 October 2008


 My name is Minnie(^v^)

I'm doing nails( manicure, pedicure, acrylics, nail art etc...) in Australia!! 

...mainly on my websites, taking photos of my nails and showing how to do on your own(^o^)v

I'm going to write about nails that I design.

(I might not be able to show you too much tutorials here any more

since I'm allowed to do that only on my websites)

I will try not to make it stay with me!! p^v^q

have a good day...!!!!