Friday, 30 September 2011

Japanese Citrus Nails (゚ー゚;A

It's Friday~!! Yay 

To improve my dinosaur egg nails from yesterday,
I've added some hand painted designs 

I don't know about this either, but 
I think they now look like a kind of tropical fruity design??

I wanted to see some sparkles too,
so I added some gold swiping lines in between.

They kind of look like a Japanese kimono design...
that's what I'd like to hope, hehehe!!

I hope you'll have a wonderful weekend!!
Thank you very much for visiting~(^3^)/xxx

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Currently Loving #06.

01. I was going to turn this post into a "must have in your collection" for beauty products, but I also have a bit of news to share!
The products above are all ones I truly believe that no girl (or guy, we don't discriminate here at should ever live without. Of course, you will have heard of the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, it really does live up to the hype. A beautiful, natural creamy cleanser which will remove every trace of makeup and really deep cleanse for lovely fresh skin. A favourite of mine, I use this every day, twice a day!

Now, Sudocrem isn't the most glamourous of products but it really does heal all. I can't live without this stuff, and I know it's loved by all (even Cheryl Cole who apparently uses it on her spots overnight). It's antiseptic properties mean it's great for blemishes, sores, eczema, dry skin... definitely something you should have in your collection at all times.

Another product which has a lot of hype surrounding it is the NARS Orgasm Powder Blush which is definitely my favourite blush ever (which is saying something as my collection is huge!). It gives you such a lovely peachy glow which a slight shimmer.

Next up is Models Own nail polishes, the one pictured is the ever popular Juicy Jules but I have a fair few of their polishes now and I love them. They're a good price and great quality, they don't go gloopy over time, dry quickly and last well. Other favourite shades of mine include Jade Stone, Coral Reef, Fuzzy Peach and Bloo Boo.

MACs Studio Fix Fluid foundation is my "go to" foundation, I reach for it most days and if I do decide to try something different, I always end up coming back to this. It's a natural finish but great coverage which lasts all day.

Finally, Soap and Glorys Breakfast Scrub is my all time favourite body exfoliator. It smells amazing, truly incredible! This is an abrasive scrub which is great to give your body a good cleanse (and also very good for removing fake tan). I've had this since Christmas, and use it rather a lot so it's well worth the money.

02. Finally my moving day has come. I'm nervously waiting to get going, I feel sad about leaving Leeds as I do love this city, and I'm moving even further away from Scotland but I'm so excited about the opportunities London will bring.

03. is going global! You can now "like" the facebook page! I decided to set up a page to branch out a bit, and see where it takes me. Please like and spread the word!

Dinosaur mistake(゚ー゚;

It's now over the hump of the week!
The weekend is coming closer and closer...
Am I sounding desperate for weekends?? Hehehe, I like weekends 

This is a photo of my nails today 
I sponged a lime green colour on the banana yellow base.

And then...
I wanted to add very soft orange pom poms(?)
scattered around the nails, but...

The orange I used was too bright and 
now they look like dinosaurs ∑(゚□゚;)

Oh, well.
I need to fix them somehow tomorrow r(^ω^*)

Thank you for visiting!!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

ミ★ My Website ★彡


Today, I'd like to talk about my website

Did you know that I have a website???

Well, I don't make the website itself
because it's too difficult for me like html coding and stuff...@_@

But I provide lots of nail related tutorials and information
...and then...yes, I ask someone to put them together
so that people can see them!

I also design the images on the website
such as the seasonal designs etc.

Recently I've added Halloween designs on 
What's New and the advertisement part too!

The little character on the What's New part is Charming (my cockatiel) 

Do you like it??
or...can you see it (too small??)??? Hehehe...

The tutorials can be for beginners and also
for professionals too!

So please check it out if you get a chance!
I'll be very happy~

If there are any questions about my website or things on the website,
please ask me anytime!!
Of course your requests and opinions are 
more than welcome too~(*^▽^*)

Thank you very much for visiting!!
Have a wonderful day~

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

new news.

I recently bought some Topshop studded loafers and a pair of Primark teal brogues, both of which are so "me" and I've really got my moneys worth out of them recently.
The teal brogues are really... sturdy, and by that I mean they seem perfect for the winter months.

I also got my Boudoir Prive box, which was a bit late this month (although I believe that was to do with the recent Hurricane in America, but I could be wrong).
I'm still really undecided on this box, I'm contemplating ending my subscription as I already subscribe to Glossybox and I find that is more suited to me.
There are some lovely things in this months Boudoir Prive box, I'm really excited to try the Macadamia Oil but other than that, nothing really excited me.

Last week I was at home in Scotland, which was amazing. I met up with my best friends in Edinburgh, and had such a good time.
On Thursday I am moving to London, which is so scary/exciting! To be fair, I'm pretty used to making big moves on my own, but London is a whole other story. I'm going to be interning at a beauty PR company! I'm really really excited (can you tell?) but also very sad to be leaving Leeds as I've lived here for a year now and I love the city. Time to move on though!
So with that, my blog posts will be sporadic while I get used to crazy city life!

Wish me luck!

Nail Repair with Silk Wrap ♪

It's tutorial Tuesday~ 

Today I'd like to briefly show you 
how to repair a cracked fingernail using Silk Wrap.
Because I had a request from nicelyvarnished the other day. 
Thank you for asking!

These are the things we need...
1. Small scissors
2. Silk Wrap
3. Filler powder (clear)
4. Nail glue
5. An emery board (nail file)
6. Buffer/shiner

When the cracking happens on the nail bed (the pink part of your nail) like this,
it will be very painful to try removing the loose free edge.
But you can't leave it until the crack moves up 
because it could get caught on hair and fabrics!!! Ouch! 
So we need this treatment 

Step1. To stop the nail from cracking any further apply nail glue
on top of the crack. Allow it to dry thoroughly.

Step2. Apply a piece of Silk Wrap covering the entire width of the nail.

Step3. Let the silk absorb the glue and allow it to dry thoroughly.

Step4. Apply another coat of glue and sprinkle the Filler on top.
Once the glue is dried, dust off any excess filler with a piece of paper towel
and repeat this step 2 to 3 times.

Step5. When the nail becomes thick enough to support the crack,
file to contour and buff to shine 

That's it!
Were you able to understand with this short explanation??
If there is any questions please ask me 

Thank you for visiting~!!

Monday, 26 September 2011

More Chocolate on Nails(ノ゚▽゚)ノ☆彡

Good evening~!!
How are you~??

I added more choc sauce on my nails from yesterday

Wooo~!! I just LOVE Lots of chocolates!!!

I'm sorry for not mentioning what I used for this design yesterday,
I used OH SO GLAM! from OPI for the milky base,
and then drew lines and drips with a combination of
dark brown and gold acrylic paint 

I hope you like them!!

I've decided to do a short tutorial every Tuesday
(easy to remember as "T"utorial "T"uesday, hehe)

 I don't know how deep I can explain things on one post,
but if my tutorials make you more interested in doing nails
I'll be very happy

Oops, it's getting long!
Thank you very much for visiting~

Sunday, 25 September 2011

☆('-'*)☆Dessert Nails☆('-'*)☆


Today my nails are...
decorated with chocolate sauce~ they look like choc sauce???
or failed zebra lines?? Hehehe

I added strawberry fimo slices!
But they were too thin and I could see the choc sauce underneath, 
so I covered the middle part with white paint.
This photo was taken in the sun

Last pic of the day...
Sunday pancake breakfast

Thank you very much for visiting!!
Please have a wonderful week~(^3^)/xxx

Saturday, 24 September 2011

On with the Holograms(゚∇^*)


This is a photo of my nails today (*^▽^*)

Well, I just added some holograms to
yesterday's nails, heheheToo easy!!
They look like a soda drink, don't they??
I'm sorry for my index finger being so short compared to the others.
I also cracked this nail at the same time as I cracked
my left hand middle fingernail! so stupid...
I need to add more moisture to my nails to prevent cracking!!

I went to the Adelaide Royal Show a few weeks ago
The Royal Show is like a small educational amusement park
which is open only one week every year.

Me and my bf went onto this ride!!
This thing has 4 people on the either end of its arms
and swing them around like crazy~~!!!
but IT WAS FUN!!!

We enjoyed having ice cream too~!
Yep, it was sunny day and my eyes were half shut. lols!

I wrote a little bit about my activities today for a change.
Did you like? or I should be focusing on just nails??
Please let me know what you think~!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Short Nail Art☆彡

How are you~??
The weekend is coming soon~ yay!!

Okay, this is a photo of my naked nails...

Yes, they're very short 
The reason is because my middle fingernail got a crack
right on top of the nail bed a few weeks ago.

I kept maintaining the crack by using a silk wrap,
because I couldn't just rip the free edge off.

And finally the crack moved to the free edge(out of nail bed area) 
so I was able to file them down. 
This is my current nail art 
Sponged white and silver glitters on top of baby blue colour.

I'm kind of liking my short nails!
It's so easy to do everything, hahaha!!!
I want to enjoy doing short nail art while they're still short.

Thank you for your visit
I'll see you soon!!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Sleek Oh So Special Palette & Pout Polish.

Meet my favourite new eyeshadow palette! I recently bought the Sleek Oh So Special eyeshadow palette and it's quickly become a part of my daily makeup routine.
It has a really varied range of shadows, and while it may not be for everyone, it's my ideal shades. I can easily use all of the lighter colours - which include all sorts of pinks, beiges and peaches - for day time wear and smoke it up a bit at night.
Recently I've been using a darker colour to line around the rim of my eyes, which is completely different for me but it's so great to have a change in makeup routine.
For the price, Sleek palettes are so worth their money. They have such a wide variety so there will always be something for someone.

I also bought the Bare Minimum Pout Polish as well, which is a lovely nude lipgloss. I rarely wear lipgloss but this really appealed to me for some reason. The scent is nice, although I find it has that typical synthetic sort of scent, and it looks really natural on.
It's one of those pots that you can keep in your hand bag, and apply anytime without the use of a mirror, yet still gives you such a nice colour.

I really want to try the new natural sleek palette, but it's sold out everywhere!

I'm back with an Award~☆

I'm so sorry for leaving my blog for a looooong time!
There was quite a bit of work that I needed to finish up (´Д`)awww

I was checking my blog everyday,
and comments from you guys gave me so much energy~
Thank you ever so much for giving me lots of comments!!!!

And one of the comments was an award tag from
Anutka of Wacky Laki!! Wow!
I'm so lucky~
Thank you very much for picking me Anutka!!

I'm passing this award to the following fabulous bloggers!!

Thank you again Anutka~!!

That's all for today.
I'll see you tomorrow

Have a wonderful day~!!!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

MAC Lipstick - Lovelorn.

I recently purchased MACs Lovelorn lipstick. It's a Lustre finish, which means its incredibly easy to apply and wear. My lips are so so dry all the time, so I can really only pull off lipsticks with a sheen.
This reminds me of MACs Fanfare lipstick but more blue toned. It's been one of my favourites recently.

I find it lasts longer due to the moisturising finish. Definitely one that can be worn day or night, as it can be layered up for a deeper colour, or worn as one layer which is like a pigmented lipgloss.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

wave upon wave.

Top - Internacionale, Skirt - H&M, Belt - Primark.
I found this cute little top in Internacionale, it's pretty much identical to the ones that were in Topshop not that long ago, except for £8.99. Admittedly the quality isn't as good, but I'll probably only wear it a few times anyway. 

Today I was a hair model, a salon in Leeds called Cutting Room Creative needed models for stylists training for Shu Uemura products so I volunteered. I got to have my hair washed, blowdryed and styled all using lovely Shu Uemura products! My hair feels and looks amazing, so it was definitely worth it. 

I've had a busy few weeks, with getting ready to move to London (next week ahh!), the Look show on Saturday which was great - albeit very hectic, cramped and hot, it was lovely meeting so many bloggers! I'll do a full post soon, but it was a great day. 
I'm heading home to Scotland for a few days tomorrow, I'm really excited as it will probably be my last trip home for a while (probably until Christmas!) and I get to see my best friends in Edinburgh on Saturday!

In bloggy news, I hope you like the new and improved layout & I also reached 1500 followers! I'm really, really happy so thank you and welcome new followers! 

Monday, 19 September 2011

Glossybox September: A Review.

This month, I (and I believe a few others!) was sent the September box slightly earlier than usual to allow time for me to review the products before I posted. This is such a great idea, as there tends to be a bit of a competitive rush to see who can post about the latest Glossybox first, rather than actually reviewing the products.
I personally subscribe to the box so I can try products before I go ahead and either buy the full size or purchase other items from the brand, which also means I like to give my thoughts on the products to my readers as this is a beauty blog after all!

This box is actually one of my favourites, and I've been a subscriber from the beginning (which means I got the box with contained the NARS Orgasm illuminator).
As soon as I saw the HD Brows, I know it was a good 'un, however my favourite product actually turned out to be the L'Oreal Professional Mythic Oil.
I've actually been using the Alterna Caviar Hair Rapid Repair Spray (review here) from the first Glossybox on my hair, I had no plans to change this as I truly love this product, but I now love rotating the Caviar spray with the Mythic Oil. 
The Mythic Oil is to be applied to damp/towel dried hair, I usually only apply it to the mids and ends of my hair before blow drying. I don't tend to get split ends, but I've seen such an improvement after using this treatment.
My hair feels so much softer, I often feel the ends of my hair and it doesn't feel or look dry at all, and overall looks so healthy. 

The StriVectin-SD Eye Concentrate is a 2week supply which helps to deal with fine lines, dark circles and puffiness. I'm 20 years old, so I don't really have a massive issue with fine lines at the moment, but dark circles are a killer and I'm prone to the odd bout of puffiness from time to time.
The skin around my eyes is rather sensitive, so I'm generally quite wary of what I put around this area. Admittedly, this cream did prickle a tiny amount when I put it on, but I wasn't concerned and after a few days it seemed worth it as my eyes felt so much softer and did look brighter. Obviously, I'd need to keep this up for the two weeks to see more results but I'm not great at sticking to a routine and I rarely use eye cream. 

The HD Brows kit came in all the boxes, and I know a lot of people were excited about this. I fill my eyebrows in every day, so I was quite pleased about this. I got the "Vamp" kit, which is slightly too dark for me which I'm gutted about, but luckily it also doubles up as an eyeshadow palette! As an eyeshadow palette I think it's brilliant, it's quite hard to come across matte colours and I own very few. Sometimes for day wear I prefer using matte eye shadows, especially as you don't get glitter fall out. 

The Plum fragrance by Mary Greenwell isn't one I've heard of before, but this is usually what attracts me to fragrances as I'm very rarely a fan of the fragrances you find in Boots (Diesel, Prada, Gucci etc. really don't appeal to me for some reason). I gave this a go and I was surprised when I actually enjoyed it. It's quite a light, floral scent which is usually what I go for. Perfume smells different on everyone though, so although I like it on myself, it might not suit other people. 

Finally, the little bottle of Nuxe Multi Use Dry Oil is such a lovely size. I don't like putting oil on my face, but I have been using this on my cuticles. I find it absorbs in really well, a lot easier than some of the other oils I've tried. The small size means its great for travelling, or keeping in your bag. 

Overall, I'm really impressed with this months box. The Mythic Oil is definitely my favourite, but I've never really tried any of these brands before yet I've loved them all! 
What was your favourite product from the Glossybox?