Monday, 28 February 2011


My helpers last night while I was doing my nails.

If you look closely, you can see Fat Meats is getting a light brown circle around her left eye :)

I CANNOT STOP PLAYING THIS SONG! Why isn't Jessie J a huge star right now?? Just once I wish I could sing like this :)


This is another look with the new LA Splash loose glitters. I wanted to show another way of using the glitter for a more bold look. This time instead of just sprinkling on the glitter with a paint brush I dipped my nails in. First I painted a base coat of Ulta - Last Fling Before the Ring and let it dry. Then I applied clear coat only to the places I wanted the glitter to stick and dipped each nail in.

These glitters are my new favorite nail toy :)

February Favourites.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how bad is it that I still don't know how to spell February? Well anyway, I thought I'd get a few of my favourite things together that I've been loving this month. 

Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator: I have an undying love for Liz Earle products, and this is another product that always delivers. A good exfoliator is something everyone should invest in. Much like the famous Cleanse&Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, it is a thick cream holding fine jojoba beads to gently exfoliate away dead skin cells. An exfoliator which is too abrasive can scratch and irritate skin so this is perfect due to the size of the exfoliating beads, it is also contains cocoa butter and eucalyptus to calm skin. An absolute must have. 

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer: The ultimate concealer for amazing coverage, I use this under foundation as I think it's slightly too easy to wear on top. I end up with flawless skin and a little goes a long way. Can't argue with that!

Models Own Nail Polish in Nude Beige: Such a lovely natural colour, I'd never think of wearing this on my nails but it's gorgeous. 

Perfect but not too perfect eyebrows: I love my eyebrows, defined but not drawn on with a Sharpie pen. Eyebrows really frame the face and complete a look, so I think a brow brush, a small angled brush and some eyeshadow are all you need to create a perfect arched brow. 

Fresh summer scents: I love light and fresh perfumes, my most recent addition was my Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh Daisy perfume but I also have other ones such as Chanel Chance and Chloe. They're really easy to wear and just add a gorgeous scent which isn't too overpowering. 

Film Cameras: Getting photos developed is one of my favourite things, I have quite a few film cameras and I think they're wonderful. They always come out so dreamy and pretty. I'm trying to hunt down polaroid film for my polaroid camera. 

What were your February Favourites? 

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Weekend Haul.

Yesterday I headed into Superdrug to get some lipbalm, and ended up leaving with all this. I've raved about my love for this Neutrogena Scrub before, which you can see here. I was always going to repurchase this, because it really is amazing. 
I also got some Batiste Dry Shampoo for dark brown hair. I'm one of those people that has to wash their hair every day, I couldn't just leave it so this dry shampoo is more for adding volume to my hair than "washing" it. I have really soft hair, and it's impossible to do anything with. Backcombing won't hold, and my hair goes flat in minutes, so Batiste gives it that sort of dirty feeling that not-washed hair has, so I can work with it more easily. I have the original version, but I could never use it as my hair is too dark and the white powder could be seen. Even when I rubbed it in properly and brushed it through, I was still paranoid throughout the day that it was showing! 
So you can't imagine how pleased I was when they released a brown version! My hair absolutely loves this, I am actually sporting a top knot today which I could never achieve before because my hair just fell out of place. 
The smell is divine too! I'd definitely recommend this, especially for instant volume and body. It also comes in a few different varieties, including Original, Silver Shimmer, Gold Shimmer, Fresh, Nude, Brit, Tropical, Blush and Boho which you can purchase here.

I also bought this Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days Ultra-Softening Lotion as I'd heard good things about it. I got the version for dry to extra dry skin, but there are others including one with Aloe Vera for normal skin and Mango for dry skin. There are a few others which you can check out here
The product is quite viscous which I think is important in a body lotion because it seems more appealing. It has the most gorgeous smell which lingers on your skin for a while. It reminds me a bit of suntan lotion. It rubs in easily and my skin feels moisturised and supple afterwards. I often get dry skin around my ankles so I'll need to see how it works there.
It claims that skin feels "hydrated for 7 days" but i'm not sure how this claim holds up as i've only had it for one day. It contains glycerin which is a humectant and a main ingredient in moisturisers as it increases the water content in the skin cells meaning skin isn't dry and dehydrated. 
I'm looking forward to seeing how this works out for me, as I love a good body lotion. 

I also bought some nice things from Lush a while ago, including my favourite Honey I Washed The Kids soap (I did buy double of what is pictured but I cut pieces off and use them quickly) I adore the smell of this soap, it's gorgeous! 
I also bought this 'Its' Raining Men' shower gel, which was from the Valentines collection. Although it seems it is still available online (the online store is back up, having semi-recovered from the hacking). It's meant to have the same scent as Honey I Washed the Kids, and I've heard other bloggers raving about the smell, but I just don't like it! It does smell similar to the soap, but it has a funny after scent which is putting me off a bit, hence why it's hardly been used. 
Has anyone else bought this product and not fallen in love with the smell? 
Finally, I got the Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask, which is my favourite! This has actually all been used up, but I'm keeping the packaging to take back to the shop. It contains blueberries which are really rich in antioxidants and are just amazing for my skin. If you haven't tried this, I really recommend it because it's gorgeous! 

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Body Shop Haul - Brush With Fashion LE & Giveaway Winner.

There was a Groupon offer on two days ago where you paid £12 for a £30 voucher for The Body Shop. This was the first time I'd actually bought anything from Groupon and I only spotted it at the end of the day. I think this is such an amazing deal, especially as the Spring collection is out, Brush With Fashion. The Body Shop has teamed up with London College of Fashion to make "sustainable, cruelty-free makeup". I'd seen this collection on blogs at the end of last year, and I thought it looked good. 

In the end, the only product I decided to buy from the collection was A La Mode Eye Palette which has four lovely shades, a mini eye liner and a mini brush as well as a big mirror. 
I look at the other items in the collection, which you can see here, but I already have lots of brown eyeshadows and so many lipglosses so it didn't really appeal to me. 
I love the packaging on the palette, which was designed by the London College of Fashion. 
The eyeshadows are really pigmented, and for once the brush actually looks like it could be used... 

I also bought a lovely rose gold blush. I know I have so many blushes, I can't resist buying them. This is a lovely pink colour with a fine gold glitter through it. I can't wait to try this. 
The Body Shop have quite a few really nice blushes that I want to buy so if this one lasts well and looks nice I think I'll get a few more. 
The lovely Body Shop staff also told me if I bought any two makeup products, I got a free black eyeliner with a smudge applicator on the end. Win! 

L:R Limited Collection for eyes: minimalist white, pret-a-pink, futuristic silver, little black dress

L-R: Cheek colour in 04, The Body Shop Eye Definer. 

I also got this Warming Mineral Mask, I love warming masks and kaolin clay so I'm really excited about this. Clay masks tend to bring all the impurities to the surface of your skin, which results in spots. It will help in the long run, but obviously don't use a clay mask the day before your birthday night out or you'll look like a spotty teen. Grim. 
I will use this once or twice a week for the next few weeks and report back. Stay tuned. 

The winner of my giveaway was Steph! I'll send you an email.

Friday, 25 February 2011


Ok, how many colors does that glitter have? I see red, orange, green, yellow, blue, silver . . . hot to trot sister!! I love this mani :) It is going down as one of my favorites! I have really been drawn to these dark teal blue colors recently.

For the base I did two coats of OPI Ski Teal We Drop, then I dusted on loose LA Splash glitter in Onyx (This glitter is awesome!! Going to do a post on these glitters soon!) and then lastly I stamped a butterfly in white. I really loved the white I used to stamp with, it has a sort of see-through quality that I think works better than if I would have used a bright white bold stamp.

Missguided Wishlist.

I was recently contacted by Missguided to advertise on my blog, and I decided to do a little post on some of the items I would like from their site. Missguided is a womens clothing website which offers lovely items for affordable prices.
I logged on to their website, and found that they'd changed their site layout since the last time I'd visited which really appeals to me. It made things easy to find, and it was speedy (no waiting hours for images to load!) and I found some lovely items really quickly.
The first is this crochet peter pan collared top, if you've followed my blog for a while now, you'll know how I feel about peter pan collars! This top is gorgeous, quite vintage style which is on trend right now and it looks like it would be easy to wear with a high waisted flared skirt and a skinny belt.

I noticed this navy applique dress, which looks lovely and casual for day time (perfect with the cream brogues) but also dressed up for evening with some nude heels and a cream cardigan. I love coral and navy together, so this would go well with a coral cardigan or bag. I love the style of this dress, especially the neck detail. It's quite 1940s I think.

The floaty nude dress is definitely something I'd wear on a night out. I love the one-shoulder dresses, and the colour makes it a bit more classy. This would go well with a lovely black clutch bag and some platform heels.

I love gold jewellery, especially cute pendants so this gold birdcage necklace is definitely on my wishlist. It instantly adds some style to any outfit, and would go well with the navy dress too.

The cream brogues are my favourite! I live in brogues, but don't own any this colour. Brogues are so easy to wear, they go with dresses, skirts, shorts & jeans. I'd wear these with a pair of grey skinnies and a peter pan collared top. I think out of everything pictured here, I definitely need these shoes in my life!

I have a love for black satchels, and i'm dying to get my hands on a Mulberry Alexa, but until then this lookalike black satchel is on my wishlist. It looks a lot like the famous Mulberry bag, but for considerably less. I don't go anywhere without a big handbag, and of course, black goes with everything.

There are heaps more lovely items on the Missguided online store, so it's definitely worth a look.

*This post wasn't sponsored. 



I LOVE this color, can you tell?? At first glance it appears to be a standard dark dusty blue, but on closer inspection - a smattering of underlying brilliant blue shimmer!! The name Underwater is so fitting for this, which makes my love for this polish double!!

*I had read that there are two polishes available from Essence with this name, the other is more of an electric blue and looks nothing like this polish.

Thursday, 24 February 2011


FINALLY!!! I have had this collection for a few weeks and I am just now getting around to showing it to you all. I'm sure you have seen these already, but so far this collection is so awesome it is worth taking another look at.

The first set of pictures were taken with no flash. The second set are shown with flash.

This color didn't look good on me at all. I think it was just too close to my actual skin color. I think this would look great on darker skin tones. Of the 6 colors I'm showing you today this was the only one that fell flat with me. The shimmer does help this color out though.

Very cool & trendy taupe, purple, gray color. This applied really nice. Some shimmer would have really knocked this up a notch for me though.

This was one of my favorites! I love this dusty orange color, that is still bright enough to wear in the summer. Super gorgeous! Can't say enough about how much I love this!

I didn't realize I got a little sloppy with this one until I looked at these pics so I apologize for that. This was a really cool blue! It's a pretty unique shade and I'm not sure if I have anything that is close to this color.

Loving everything about this color!!!! This is my DREAM red! This color is so pretty. It is a bright cherry red and with a name like Hey Sailor - what's not to love?

I was excited about this color. This one went on pretty sheer though compared to all the others which have been pretty opaque so far. But three coats and it was good to go. Man I wish the shimmer would have been just a wee bit more prominent in this! Still a really pretty gray - loving it too!