Thursday, 31 March 2011


.......... real FAKE! - lol
I got this at an awesome store in Branson over spring break. It was filled with jewelry like this all put together by color and they had purses that went along with the color theme for sale too. All the jewelry was under $15, at least what I saw anyway. I got this awesome ring for $11. It was hard to pick which pretty I wanted to take home with me, cause if I had my way I would have taken one of everything! :)


This is my NOTD. I really fell in love with this polish when it came out last year. I highly recommend that you pick this up if you don't have it already!!




Endless Autumn.

Topshop Top//New Look Shorts//ASOS purse//Topshop Necklace.

I love love love these shorts but they are so unflattering on me! I usually wear things that are quite fitted at the waist but I couldn't resist buying these.
They crease so easily though, which is annoying. Such a lovely colour though, it reminds me of autumn colours.
I really need to buy a charger for my DSLR, but it's £40 and I'd rather spend my money on other things (clothes, makeup, shoes...) so my photos are a bit rubbish.

This morning I received a lovely little package from the amazing Liz Earle PR team. They sent me the Clear Skin Kit which I can't wait to try out! I'm going to test these out and see how much my skin improves & then do a post about it. I've mentioned before that my skin isn't great, but it did improve when I tried the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser, so I'm really excited to be trying these out! 


This collection I have for you today I got at Claire's a while ago, I would say 6-9 months ago. I could tell these were going to be sheer, but they had something special about them that I just had to get them. When I swatched these I wanted them to be opaque, so I did 6 coats, however if you like the sheer look then obviously you wouldn't need that many. I also think these would look really cool over a similar base color or over a white or black base. Just like Icing - these have no name.

Light creamy yellow with a pink flash of shimmer.

Light lavender purple with pink flash. This one was my favorite of this collection.

Creamy pink with pink flash. This was my second favorite and I swear it looks like the inside of a seashell, really pretty.

This one is kind of hard to describe, I think the base color is a super light green or even blue color, however the greenish blue flash of shimmer is the dominant color in this and I even think it almost looks like the shimmer is what is coloring the polish.

Creamy white with pearl shimmer. This is normally a color I would hate, but I really liked this! This could have been first choice if it wasn't for all those brush strokes. But a very unique white.

Mint green with a green flash of shimmer. Similar to the other green one, but this one has a more opaque base coat and less dominant shimmer.