Saturday, 30 April 2011

5 New Lipsticks.

L-R: Topshop in Show Off, Beauty UK in Passion, Barry M 153, Elizabeth Arden in Melon, MAC in Chatterbox.

I seem to go through little obsessions with products, and at the moment it's lipsticks. I must admit after seeing them next to each other they do look quite similar but they do all have different finishes and are different shades. The Barry M, Topshop and MAC shades could all be dupes for each other! So if you want to save money on Chatterbox, get the Barry M instead!

I honestly couldn't even pick a favourite out of these, I do like the Barry M lipstick though! Which one do you like? Also, sorry about the awkward swatches, I had to do them on my other arm as I cut my arm quite badly on broken glass a week or two ago. Boo!

I'm still on a massive feel good high after the Royal Wedding which I have to say is one the most lovely and special moments I've ever witnessed. I was at work tragically but caught up on my break and watched it last night when I got home. I'm not a soppy person but I have to admit I was welling up! An insight into something amazing and fascinating, it really was something else. 
Kate looked absolutely incredible, I especially loved her McQueen evening dress. I wasn't too impressed with her makeup however, she'd slightly overdone it on the blusher and I think she should have gone for a more subtle look. 

I'm off work for the next two days, it's my boyfriends birthday on Monday so it'll be nice to spend some time together. I'm planning on taking him for lunch tomorrow, hopefully it'll be sunny!

A few to follow: Sarah, AydenCaroline

Friday, 29 April 2011


Meow! This is my version of hello kitty nails.

On these nails I embedded lace for my very first time! Yep that is real lace on the ring fingers. I also used gold and silver confetti from On the pinky I used a #3 golden halo sparkles from

These are natural nails with gel polish. I marbled different colors together. Gel polish lasts for 2 weeks or longer with no chipping!

Doing a full coverage nail is the new trend. I faded 2 glitters from A chunky silver called biker babes and another glitter called pewter.

Another full coverage set of nails. The big glitters at the tip are #69 Dark Nite from

Dragonflies with 3d flowers on the ring fingers.

This is 2 glitters I mixed together from #123 Desire and #125 passion.

I did these nails to look like butterfly wings.

Thursday, 28 April 2011


Glamorous at Ark Clothing Playsuit//New Look Cardigan//Primark Belt//MAC Pink Nouveau Lipstick

I bought this playsuit last year for when we went to Barcelona but didn't actually take it in the end. It's not the most flattering playsuit but it's a nice pattern. I got this cardigan from the New Look sale. First weeks of summer and I buy two jumpers. Nice. 

Sorry for this being another outfit post, three in a row but to be honest I've not bought much recently & I'm still quite ill so after 9 hours of work I come home and go to bed. Lame.
If there's any posts you'd like me to do at all, let me know in the comments or on formspring.

Who's excited about the Royal Wedding then?! I love it. I love the whole idea that a normal girl can become a princess over night. Totes a fairy tale! I can't wait to see the dress ahhhh. 

Tuesday, 26 April 2011


New Look Jumper//H&M Top, Shorts & Turquoise Ring//Topshop Skull Ring.

MY VANS! and my cankles. I wore this outfit in Brighton when we went out for tea. The shorts I actually wore are in the wash because i wiped my lipstick hands on them. Sick. But I thought I would reenact the outfit for y'all. These shorts are from last year and they are so tiny! I actually got a 12 instead of an 8... but technically still a 10 as H&M size their clothing wrong, anyone else ever notice this? They label a 10 as 36 but 36 is an 8 in all other clothing. I always ignore the clothes sizing in shops to be honest otherwise it just gets depressing.

I got this jumper in the New Look sale! I love it so much, I actually saw it on Stephanie and thought she looked so cute. It cost me a whole 12 buck which is a good deal.

I have quite a few rings, but I hardly ever wear them. I like to wash my hands a lot (creepy) and they get in the way. I don't know what I'll do if I ever get engaged... wear it round my neck? Put it in my shoe? Who knows. The turquoise one is from H&M, and quite similar to the ones that a lot of people are selling through their jewellery blog shops.

This is going to be my "live in" outfit for the next few months. Bare legs, vans and a big jumper!

old school.

H&M Top&Skirt//Local Craft Shop Ribbon//Vans//Casio Watch

I finally bought a new pair of Vans! I have wanted some in this style for a while, I even bought my boyfriend some (secretly wishing them for myself) so today is a special day!
I bought this shirt today from H&M, and added the ribbon myself. I've been meaning to do this for a while actually. The skirt is the navy version that's on a few blogs recently after I posted it in this post.
For some reason I had major issues trying to get good photos today. I hate my hair at the moment, it always looks so crap in pictures! I don't know what to do with it, and since I'm growing it out I don't want to get it cut.

Today I had lunch and cocktails with my friend Sarah which was a bit boozy and so much fun! I also bought a heap of half price Easter eggs haha!

In other news I have started a tumblr, so follow me if you have it! I also have formspring so ask me questions there.

Back to work tomorrow after 6 days off & I have a cold! Boo.

Monday, 25 April 2011

5 Favourites: Perfumes.

I thought I'd do a little post on my five favourite perfumes. My "Five Favourites" posts are usually quite popular, and I've never really blogged about the perfumes I wear.
I tend to go for not so ~known~ brands, although this usually changes after a few years!

Viktor & Rolf - Flowerbomb: I'm pretty sure everyone will have heard of this, I've had it for about two years now, my dad bought me back a 100ml bottle which cost around £100! So much money, but it's lasted me so long. My old flatmate told me about it, she had a tiny sample of it and I had never smelt anything so gorgeous. I'm actually surprised about how many people come into work asking for it (we've only just started selling the 100ml bottle), especially as I've had it for so long!
When I first got it, literally no one had heard of it but now it seems a bit more popular and I'm getting a bit sick of it!
I'm terrible at describing the notes in fragrances, and there is nothing on their website which describes it, apart from "floral" so we'll go with that. It has notes of bergmot, jasmine & green tea. The grenade shaped bottle is meant to signify the "explosive" nature of the scent.

Chloe - Chloe: I got this for Christmas last year, I had sprayed the tester strip and shoved it in my shopping bag when I was in town. I kept smelling it and it took me so long to work out what smelt so amazing! I always love perfumes more when I've left them to develop. This is an Eau de Parfum so even though it's just a 30ml bottle, a little really does go a long way.
I love the bottle too, so lovely! It also smells quite floral, containing freesia, lily of the valley & peony notes.

Chanel - Chance: Graeme bought this for me sometime last year, I think after coming back from another tour. I absolutely love this, I love how a scent can take you back somewhere so easily. This reminds me of Paris and also Russia last year. Such a fresh smelling perfume, with notes of hyacinth, pineapple, musk and vanilla. Chance is French for "luck".

Viktor & Rolf - Eau Mega: Another V&R perfume, I got this about a year ago but I don't think a lot of people have heard of it due to it being overshadowed by Flowerbomb. I actually prefer this to Flowerbomb at the moment, I'm not sure why but I'm just attracted to less known scents!
I adore the bottle too, to spray you squeeze the V&R logo on the gold lid. It is a play on of the Greek letter Omega (Eau Mega...) and has notes of musk, violet leaf, pear and peony.
It's not as sickly sweet as Flowerbomb, but it really is such a gorgeous scent. One I've been wearing a lot more recently.

Marc Jacobs - Daisy Eau So Fresh: I got this as an early valentines present from my boyfriend this year. It was a limited ed. exclusive to Harvey Nichols but can now be bought anywhere. It's a summer scent, so contains less alcohol (alcohol and the sun can cause the skin to dry out, so summer scents usually have a lower alcohol scent) which means it doesn't stay on the skin for long. I love this more than the Daisy perfume but admittedly it's staying power isn't great. The top notes are grapefruit, raspberry and pear.
I absolutely love the bottle too! Such a lovely variation of Daisy which I think I shall be buying soon!

Like I said, I'm terrible at describing scents so I got a little help from Fragrantica.

Sunday, 24 April 2011


Macaroons//Pink macaroon//Bryan Ferry vinyl//prints//Brighton Pier//cider in the sun//Bills restaurant//Las Iguanas dinner//cocktails//makeup//ASOS dress.

I'm home! Actually shattered but had such a good weekend. I was in London on thursday, as my boyfriend had a big gig so I went down to dance/see London friends. The gig was in KOKO which is a massive venue! It reminds me of Razzmatazz in Barcelona, loads of stairs leading all places.
It was lovely seeing everyone, I love my London friends & going out in London.
Marina of Marina & the Diamonds was out with us & wearing an interesting outfit of a yellow cheerleader top and fluorescent yellow trousers. Very bright! I thought she was in fancy dress at first, having been in a car for seven hours I sat down to dinner with everyone and asked "why's everyone in fancy dress?" Haha what a loser. She looked very cute though.

On friday morning, Graeme and I got the train to Brighton as he had another gig and we wanted some sun. We had a few days there, it was so so so hot! I didn't even know Britain could get that hot! Such a lovely city, it was rammed full of sunburnt British people but I had a lovely walk around the back streets and found some amazing shops. I'd love to go back, it's an awesome city. I asked Vivianna where was good to go and she gave me some awesome recommendations including Bills restaurant where I went for breakfast - amazing!

The last pictures are what I wore out in London, a dusty pink dress from ASOS which I bought with my groupon voucher. It's a little bit big, I bought a ten but they sent a medium. Since WHEN was a ten a medium?! That's... worrying & depressing! I'm actually an eight but my dryer shrinks clothes, so I usually buy a size bigger but this is still a bit big! I do like it, but I could do with a smaller size I think. Tragically, I can't send it back as the groupon voucher doesn't allow refunds! I think it looks quite cute though. I wasn't actually going to put up these photos as they're not the best, but I did in the end. I hate the material of the dress, it creases so easily. Le sigh.

In other news, I am almost at 700 followers! In my last post I mentioned that I had just reached 600! The reason for this being that the gorgeous Lily mentioned me in a post, saying she had bought a skirt after I wore it in an outfit post.
I can't even begin to say how much I appreciate that, it's something she didn't need to do but it shows the kind of person she is. What a lovely girl!

How has everyone spent their bank holiday weekend?