Sunday, 8 March 2009

♪How to Draw a Flower2 (Cherry Blossom)♪

I'll continue writing about how to draw a flower

for hand painted nail art!!

Today, I'll show you how to draw
a cherry blossom flower, my favourite spring flower!!

Before you start drawing on the nail,
let's check what cherry blossoms look like,
(See Cherry Blossom Images )

and practice on a piece of paper first(^-^)/

After checking a few different photos,
you can tell the flower shape is like this...

A round petal with a little cut on the end.

Let's practice the shape
following the steps that I showed you
in the last blog

How to Draw a Flower?!

Practice practice practice practice
practice practice practice until you find
a perfect shape, size and angle etc...(^▽^)~♪

Then, let's try painting them
using acrylic paint!!

I used black, so that I can see
how I'm doing better(^-^)

 Adding water little by little with the brush,
mixing mixing mixing
until the paste becomes very smooth : )

It is always good to start drawing the outline first.

Then fill inside.

When the brush becomes hard on the end
and doesn't separate any more like this,

please dip the brush into the water
and separate the hair.

With practice, I think your body will remember
how to move the brush to draw cherry blossoms.

I'll show you how to draw these cherry blossoms
on the nail next time!!

Thank you very much for reading (´∀`)ノ☆

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

How to Draw a Flower?! (@_@)

Good afternoon~!!
How are you~??

It's getting nice and cooler here in Adelaide(^o^)yay!
I was wearing summer clothes this morning,
and my nails and lips turned blue! aha ha!!

The spring must be close to some countries(´▽`)~☆
Winter and spring are my favourite seasons!!
My favourite colours are pink and white too!!


I think a lot of people will try flower nail art
during the spring period!!

I got a really good question from a girl who
wants to learn how to draw a flower*(^-^)*

I think a lot of people would start with a flower
which has 5 petals,
sometimes those 5 petals don't fit in a circle,
or somehow end up with 7 petals(^-^)
(yes, this is my experience...haha)

So, let's practice!!

Please prepare a piece of paper and a pen.

1. Draw one dot.

2. Draw 5 dots around the 1st dot.

3. Draw a circle around each of the 5 dots.

4. A flower with 5 petals!

Well...the gaps in between petals seem to be
a little too wide, don't you think?

OK! Try again!!

1. Draw one dot and 5 dots around the 1st dot.

2. Draw a circle around each of the 5 dots,
a little wider circles this time!

Doesn't it look better?!

Let's try without 5 dots this time!

You see?? It's very easy if you practice a few times!

Then you can start changing the shapes of petals

raindrop shape, leaf shape and cherry blossoms p(^▽^)q

I hope you'll enjoy practicing!!

I'll show you how to draw a flower for hand paint nail art
next time!!

Thank you for visiting!! (^3^)/smooch!!