Friday, 23 September 2011

Short Nail Art☆彡

How are you~??
The weekend is coming soon~ yay!!

Okay, this is a photo of my naked nails...

Yes, they're very short 
The reason is because my middle fingernail got a crack
right on top of the nail bed a few weeks ago.

I kept maintaining the crack by using a silk wrap,
because I couldn't just rip the free edge off.

And finally the crack moved to the free edge(out of nail bed area) 
so I was able to file them down. 
This is my current nail art 
Sponged white and silver glitters on top of baby blue colour.

I'm kind of liking my short nails!
It's so easy to do everything, hahaha!!!
I want to enjoy doing short nail art while they're still short.

Thank you for your visit
I'll see you soon!!

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