Tuesday, 30 December 2008

☆The End of 2008☆


How did you enjoy your X'mas??
It's very nice to see you before new year comes!

I'm having a very busy holiday trying to set up
and open my nail tip store in January(^-^)q
It's looking very good!! I just can't wait to show you(^v^)♪

By the way, I did special nails on myself for X'mas!!
(I'm sorry for being so late to show you)

They are made with
white acrylic and clear hologram acrylic.

Then I decorated....↓

with lots of gem stones, bullions and star spangles!!

The left hand....↓

Both hands!!!

Thank you so very much for staying with me this year!!
I'll keep trying my best next year 2009 ♪(^・^)ノ☆

I'll see you very sooon!!


                                            2008  ε=ε=ε=(ノ^▽^)ノ Hello~2009

Monday, 22 December 2008

Happy Hoooolidaaaayキタ━━━(゚∀゚)━━━!!!


Happy Holiday~~~♪
Are you already having a fun time~?!!
I've been listening to X'mas music and feeling so high!!

I did my X'mas nails yesterday...
please have a look!!!!

It's white and gold nail polish marbling
with gold lines, star spangles, crystals and pearl stones!

The other hand

If I tell you the truth,
I already took off these designs.....(^-^)

Because I want to have lots of different designs of nails
for this holidayyy(


I hope you will enjoy designing
your own holiday nails!!
:*:・( ̄∀)・:*

Please have a good time~!!

Sorry for showing my silly face here...(;´ω`)ノ


~For sweet girls who always read my blog and give me comments~

I used to reply to your very nice comments on my blog for
the next day, but I am going to reply on the same comment column
under your comment.

I've seen what other bloggers are doing and
I thought replying on the comment column would be easier
for you to check!!

I'm sorry for the sudden change m(_ _)m

Thank you ever so much for reading and supporting me
through this blog(^3^)~***smooch!!

Friday, 19 December 2008

☆Getting Ready for Nail Tip Store~☆


It's less than 1 week to X'mas!!!!

How are you going to spend this X'mas??
Staying with your family or
going away for holiday??

In Japan, a lot of couples spend X'mas time together,
going out for dinner, enjoying the romantic decorations in town,
and giving each other presents!!

Very good time for kids and girlfriends!!!
...but not so much for dads and boyfriends...$$$$$$haha!

By the way!!
Preparation for my nail tip store is going very well!!

So I'd like to share a little bit of my nail tip designs with you!

These are the examples of the new nail tip designs
which are going to be sold online.

Nail tips will be shipped all over the world
 in the love heart container on the left hand side.

I'm so sorry that I can't show you the photo fully just yet...
But soon you'll be able to see all of the photo from
a lot of different angles p(^-^)q


Thank you~!!

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Matching Pedicure(^-^)v

                                             Hello hello~!!

I hope you had a lovely weekend(^-^)

I did a new pedicure on Sunday!

It's pink with holograms!!
Just like my acrylic finger nails that I did before.

These are the steps for this pedi(^-^)

1. Finish all the cuticle treatment 
and shorten the toe nails.
What is cuticle treatment?? →Go to Home Pedicure instructions

2. Apply light white nail polish on 
the free edge to cover the natural colour of the toe nails.

I used FUNNY BUNNY NL H22 from OPI.

3. Apply pink shimmer nail polish on 
the entire toe nail.


4. Apply holograms to cover the entire toe nail.
Use top coat and an orange wood stick(^-^)v

Apply top coat and...

*:..o○☆゚・:,*:..o○☆Twinkle twinkle~*:..o○☆゚・:,*:..o○☆

I love twinkles a lot (≧▽≦) he he he~

Have a great week!!

Dear Dori,

Thank you for your lovely comment again!!
Pink is my favourite colour too(^_-)☆haha!

Yep! I've got my boyfriend a few cufflinks for X'mas!!
Now I have to plan what to cook for X'mas dinner!!

Thank you so much for your encouraging comments!
I'm going to open an online nail tip store(^_-)
I'll let you know when it's getting close to open!!

I've stayed in Sydney only for 1 day!
I was by myself at the time but a really nice taxi driver
showed me around and I took some very nice photos(^-^)v
 I love watching plays, so I'll definitely go to the opera house next time!! 

Do you have plans for X'mas??
Are you going back to Hong Kong??

Thank you very much again~(^3^)/***smooch!!

Dear Milk,

Thank you very much for your comment!!
I'm so happy that my instructions could help you(´∀`)v

How long did you stayed in Japan?? Did you enjoy?
I really would like you to try Japanese nails when you go back next time!!
Normally there are lots of design examples which will help you choosing, 
and nail artists are really nice people!

Good luck with your lovely doll designs(^_-) 

Thank you so much~(^3^)/***smooch!!

Friday, 12 December 2008

☆☆~Nail Tip Production~☆☆

Hi there~(^o^)/

How are you~??

The weekend is waiting for you~♪


I did my nails with acrylics yesterday(^-^)v

I used natural white powder on the free edge,
and pink glitter powder on the nail plate.

I'll call the combination...
*:..。o○☆゚・:,。*:..。o○☆ PINK CHAMPAGNE!!*:..。o○☆゚・:,。*:..。o○☆

...well, to be honest, i can't drink any alcohol...!!

I used to force myself to drink at a party or night club etc...
because I really envied people who can drink forever without getting sleepy or sick!
And I thought I would get stronger eventually (stupid, eh?).
But I realised there was no benefit by drinking something
my body can't deal with ( ̄▽ ̄;)he...hehe...he

Anyway!! sorry about my personal silly experience(^o^)/

I'm planning to open my nail tip store in the very near future!
I've been quite busy planning and I'm so sorry 
I couldn't update my blog so often because of that.

I also started designing nail tips for my store as well

I'm trying not make them too heavy....
but as you know, I love really heavily decorated colourful nails!!!!

There will be a lot of varieties available for sure...v(^-^)v
Wish me luck!!

Thank you very much!!

Dear Brooke,

Thank you so very much for your wonderful comment!!

I am very sorry that I couldn't reply to you quickly m(_ _)m

I'm so happy that you liked my reindeers(^-^)
And thank you very much for adding my blog as one of your links!!
I'd love to have your blog in my favourite list as soon as
I find out how to do it!!
(sorry, I'm not really good at finding new functions and stuff...)

I'm looking forward to checking your blog right now!!

Thank you so much again!!...(^3^)/***smooch!!


Sunday, 7 December 2008

Airbrush Nail Art v(^-^)v~**

Long time no see~(^o^)/

I hope your weekend is going super good!!

I'm having a great weekend!!!!
Because my boyfriend gave me an early X'mas present \(^o^)/

It was...an Airbrush kit for nails!!

*:..。o○☆゚・:,。*:..。o○☆ (゚∀゚) *:..。o○☆゚・:,。*:..。o○☆

I've used before but didn't have one for myself...
so it's really good!!!!

Anyway I played a little bit with the machine(^-^)v

1. Apply a thin coat of pearly nail polish
and spray yellow colour with airbrush.

2. Spray green on top of yellow.

3. Spray white using a flower stencil.

These are airbrush nail art(^o^)~♪

I hope you like this kind of nail design too!

Here is a photo of Charming.
He is scared of pizza rotating in the microwave.
(his headhair is straight up!!)

Good night~!

Dear Dori,

I'm so sorry for being so late to respond to you!

The purple shimmer nail polish is called 

Yes...it's quite hard to find real pretty colours.
I generally like using OPI because of the good brush(^-^)haha
I wish they had a greater range of colours though.

I like Nausicaa too!! I cry lots during the movie(^-^)
he he he...

Did you like your new hair style??
It's wonderful that the salon owner gave you a nail polish!!
I like the combination of yellow, green and blue too!
That's a really summery fresh colour!

The beach in Australia is amazing!! Can you believe that colour?! 
It's like a dream or heaven really...

Please enjoy yourself at the beach this summer too!!

Thank you very much...(^3^)/smooch***

Dear Jamie,

It's my preasure for showing some instructions!!
I hope you have success with the gradation nail art and
I look forward to seeing it on your nail blog (^-^)v

Thank you very much for your comment again
and I'm so sorry for very late reply...

Thank you~(^3^)/smooch***

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Christmas Nail Examples o(^▽^)o~♪


...time flies!!

I received a question from Dori,
wondering whether I do lighter colour nail designs.

I think this is a really good question
because I tend to use red, green, blue and some 
strong colours for X'mas nail designs! 

So, I quickly made a few different
X'mas designs using lighter colours...
I hope they inspire you a little bit.

I used shimmery white nail polish and
decorated with blue holograms and stars.

Shimmery gold polish with acrylic decorations.
When I was working at a day spa,
I always recommended gold nail polish
 for girls who normally wear beige or lighter colours.
And they really liked it(^o^) Especially for X'mas.

Stripes with white, light pink, and gold.
If you add stars, it becomes prettier!

this is a gradation of shimmery white,
normal white and light pink.

This is gradation as well, but using
just shimmery white and white polish.
Then I hand painted snowflakes☆

Gold gradation with a top coat
which has stars and holograms in it.

I'm sorry, it's very hard to see, 
but it's also pink and white gradation
decorated with acrylic and bullions.

I really like using shimmer colours
especially for winter nail designs.
Maybe because I love snow and those shimmers
are as pretty as snow(^3^)~♪

Thank you and see you next time!!!!

Dear Dori,

Thank you sooo much for your comment! You are so sweet!!
Yep! I had a great time on our anniversary(^-^)v

I agree that making cake is very difficult...
Because it's huge and you can't practice so often...
But it's good to try for special occasions!

I'm so happy that you liked my snowflakes☆
Please try them if you get the chance!!

I was super surprised that you know a Japanese word!!!
Did you study??  or are you Japanese?? That was so cool!! 

Doumo arigatou(^3^)/***smooch!!

Dear Jamie,

Thank you so much for your kind words!!
Im very happy that I can share
 some of my little techniques with you(^-^)v

I hope your snowflake designs are going to be
so wonderful!!

I'm so looking forward to seeing your designs on your blog!!

Thank you~(^3^)/***smooch!!