Sunday, 30 November 2008

*☆*How to Draw Snowflakes2*☆*

Good afternoon~♪

I'll continue showing how to draw snowflakes
today too!!

1. Draw lines, not crossing in the middle this time.

2. Add 2 small lines on the top of each line
to make them look like small arrows pointing inside.

3. Add longer arrows a bit 
further outside the first arrows.

4. Add one more long arrow on each line.
This time the arrows are not touching each other(^-^)

5. Add small arrows on the end of each line.


Then you can add...

A tiny little sparkle...

Sprinkle those small sparkles around the big snowflake p(^-^)q

 After practicing drawing on paper a little bit,
you can start designing on your nails!!!!

This X'mas is going to be such a sparkling time
with these snowflake designed nails(^o^)~♪

Thank you~!!

Saturday, 29 November 2008

**How to Draw Snowflakes**


Have you already started preparing
for X'mas??

I hope you are not gonna forget to
prepare your nails too(^-^)

I'm going to show you how to draw snowflakes today!!

I love snow and snowflakes a lot!!
Thay are so pretty and romantic, aren't they!!

Before drawing pretty snowflakes on your nails,
it'll be good to practice on paper first...
(All photos proceed from left to right)

1. Draw 3 lines, crossing in the middle.

2. Draw arrows on each line
 pointing towards the center point.

3. Finish with little diamonds
 on the end of each line.

Try to make the space between the lines equal.

When you draw a straight line with acrylic paint,
it may not be so easy...

You can overlap and draw little by little(^-^)v this...

1. Draw just a little bit of the line and let the brush go.

2. Start from the middle of the first line,
 draw a little bit again and let go.

3. Repeat the 2nd step until you draw enough length.

4. To cover the colour gaps 
on the starting point of each line,
overlap from the very first point to the end.

I'll show you some different designs of 
snowflakes tomorrow!!

See you then~(^o^)/♪

Thank you!!

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Anniversary Nails \(=^▽^=)/☆

Hello hello~!!

I'm so sorry for leaving my blog again!!

he he he...

The reason was...
my boyfriend and I had our
3 year anniversary...(●´ω`●)ゞ

te he he he...

I made a cake too!!

(It looks funny, doesn't it? he he)

And these are the nails I made
for the celebration☆

I made nail tips this time
because I needed to do some cooking
on the day, and I really didn't want to ruin
my nails before we went out(*^▽^*)

I like wearing nail tips
because I can make exactly the same
nail designs for both hands,
I can put them on and take off any time,
and they don't need any refill or after care treatment!!
...he he he...I'm lazy!!

I'll show you how to wear nail tips(^v^)v

I normally use nail tip tape instead of glue 
so that I can reuse the nail tips again.

1. Remove the tape from the paper
using tweezers.

2. Attatch to the back of the nail tip.

3. Push to ensure the entire tape
is attatched without making air bubbles inside.

4. Remove the paper from tape.

5. Place the nail tip onto the nail,
pushing down from the cuticle line.

This is how they look like on the hand!

To remove the nail tips use an orange wood stick,
and push up the tip from the cuticle side.

I hope you'll enjoy designing your nail tips
and wearing them too!!!!

Thank you so much(^o^)/

See you~!!

Friday, 21 November 2008

Nail Designs for the Workplace o(^-^)o

Good afternoon!!!!

I changed my pedicure today!

crystal gem stones
and hand painted snow flakes(^-^)~♪

I just got a question from Dori
about nail designs for short nails 
and also for the workplace.

Suitable nail designs depend
 on the type of job you have, I think.

If you're in an office situation,
maybe your boss wouldn't be so impressed
with looooots of gem stones or 
heavily decorated nails(^_^;

If you're working at a clothing store
or quite creative place,
it might be ok to have a few different colours.

So, I designed a few nails 
which are not so heavy, but not boring either...hopefully.

Sharp french with a tiny gem stone.

Gradation with pink shimmer nail polish.

French decorated with gem stones and 
nail art stickers.

White shimmer and white stripe.

Gold & gold lines, with or without stones.

I hope they could help to inspire you(^o^)/

I'm sure having something pretty on your nail
 will make you happy
whenever you look at them...
on the bus, during work, when your boss is talking 
about something that you are not interested in(^-^)v
(careful not to get in trouble...he he)

Have a good night~☆

Dear Dori,

Thank you so very much for your comment
about my santa sleigh\(^o^)/he he~♪
A little reindeer would be very nice addition for sure!!
I'm not sure if I have time to do...ha ha ha~.

The cold I caught was quite nasty...(+_+)
Please take care not to catch any cold, Dori.

I hope the photos above will help you a little bit...

Thank you again~!!