Tuesday, 27 January 2009

☆Dry Flower Nails☆

Hello hello hello~!!

It's very hot here in Adelaide today...it's 42 degrees max!!
ha...ha ha....

I'll show you my new nails(^-^;

I made french with blue holograms
and dry flowers are embedded in clear acrylic☆

When you wear them, they look like this...
Very colourful, aren't they!!

They are matching with my toes!!

I made them for my birthday...v(≧▽≦)v

...fun time flies so fast...(:_;)

By the way!

There was a "Tour Down Under" cycling race in Adelaide!!

I went to see the race on 25th,
and I was so lucky that I saw Lance Armstrong!!

Well, the race was too fast to recognize him...
but he finished racing right in front of me!!
(No.11 is Lance Armstrong)

I tried to get close to him,
but there were soooo many people thinking the same thing(^▽^)
So I stretched my arm to take his photo...

...just a half of his face(:_;)

bye bye!!

Friday, 23 January 2009

Party Toes(^-^)~☆

Good morning!!
I'm writing my blog in the morning for a change!!
I feel very good p(^∀^)q

I did a new pedicure!!

Which is BLUE...!!

I used Alluring Aquamarine from TiNS Color☆

...and then

I put looooots of blue holograms!!
Very very shiny~!!

I made them for my birthday tomorrow(^-^)v

I made a big dessert too!!

Apple pie~!!

I don't think we can eat it all though...Ha ha ha!!

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

°・:○〇☆ Nails Etoile ☆〇○:・°

~Big news from Magical Creations~


How are you~??

I am pleased to announce that I have
 opened my online nail tip store!!

It is called...

☆〇○。:・°・:。○〇☆Nails Etoile☆〇○。:・°・:。○〇☆

Yaaaay!!!! o(°∀°)o~♪ Yaaaay!!!!

The store has 100% hand designed nail tips,
using the top quality materials(^-^)v
(OPI, EZ Flow, Swarovski crystals etc...)

You can wear and remove these unique nail tips
as many times as you want (when stickers are used)
without needing to visit nail salons!

So it is perfect for people who
normally cannot wear nice nails because of
weak nails,
a lot of house work to do,
or their workplace is very strict....

Not to worry any more~♪

Please visit and have a look at...

Nails Etoile
(Nails Etoile is currently unavailable. Updated Jan.2011)

I'd be very happy if you could let me know what you think!!

See you there...(^o^)/

Thursday, 15 January 2009


Hello hello~!
How are you today~??

I have sore muscles from walking this morning...(>_<)
But it's ok!
The fresh air in the morning makes me feel so good!!
i can't stop it o(^-^)o

Anyway, I'll show you my new pedicure today☆

They look like red and white,
but they are actually orange and white(^-^)

and ALPINE SNOW NL L00, both are from OPI.

And then, I added...
Some flowers made with acrylics.

It's been quite hot here in Adelaide...
So it's good to have a summery orange colour
to lift me up(^-^)v

We went to the Botanical Gardens in Adelaide.
Look what we found!!

It is a waterlily!!
How beautiful!!

 And under the flower...

Small fish(≧▽≦)!!
They are soooooo cute!!!!

I love small creatures like them(^-^)

Thank you~!!

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

☆Biting Nails??☆

Good afternoon!!
I'm so sorry for leaving my blog for a long time~!!

I hope everyone is having a great start to the new year(^o^)/

I got a question that asked
if there is anything you can do to grow nice nails
for people who have a habit of biting their nails.

I think quite a lot of people have the same question!!

And the answer is...YES!!
Of course you can grow nice nails back any time!!

I will quickly show you how the nails grow back after
biting nails for quite some time...

This is the start.
The nails are very short and there is no free edge
(the white part where the nail separates from the skin).

When you stop biting,
the free edge starts growing.

Because the pink part takes more time to grow,
it looks like only the free edge is growing.

Once the free edge grows as high as the fingertip,
you can start filing and keep the length the same as the fingertip.
How to File your Nails?? Click here!

Then the pink part grows back nicely.
At this stage, the top of the pink part still keeps
the shape from before.
(Keep filing)

After a while,
the pink part gets the nice round shape on top.

See?! There is no problem to get the nice nails back!!

...I know that it is not that easy...
You need to stop biting the nails first!

Even though the nails are really short,
try wearing nail polish!!

Then your nails look pretty,
you don't want to ruin your pretty nails
and also it tastes bad...!

Also applying one coat of the nail strengthener,
instead of base coat before colouring, will help too!

Then, try giving your fingers a massage!
Massaging will help bring blood and nutrients to the area,
so the nails will be strengthened and encouraged to grow!!

Here is a very easy massage technique(^o^)/

Take a small amount of hand cream.

Spread the cream to all parts of your hands.

Hold, squeeeeeeze and pull at the same time /^3^\
You will see the finger tips get red.

Circle, circle, circle
on the base of the nails.
This is where the nails are made!
 (Please do this nice and gentle)

Some food can help the nail growth too!!
Yummy Food for Nails?? Click Here.

Some people say nail biting is caused by stress...
so try having a bath and go to sleep early to get
at least 7 hour sleep.

When I was small, I used to bite my nails too.
At that time I was always catching a cold.
There are heaps and heaps of germs in the nails...
Probably because of that...

These are some things you can do at home p(^-^)q
I really hope you all have nice, healthy and beautiful nails
by looking after them everyday!!!!

See you~(^▽^)~♪

Beautiful Lavenders!!

Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Happy 2009~!!!!

Did you have a good X'mas and New Year??

I cooked western food(lamb, potatoes and veggies,
chocolate cake and 5kg of ham!!←it was a gift) for X'mas,
and cooked Japanese food for new years eve and new years day!!

...and slept lots(^-^;oink...

I hope you had a wonderful holiday too(^▽^)v

I'd like to talk about the length of nails today!

When you file down or clip your nails to
make them the same length,
where do you look to check the length???

I think that most people would look at the white part of the nails
(it's called the free edge) and try to make that part the same length.

well...I found some good photos to show(^-^)v

By looking at the photo below,
the nail lengths appear to be all different↓

It makes me feel like filing the two nails on the left down more...

...But when you look at these nails
from the inside(palm side?)↓

They are the same length!! hahaha!!!

This is the part to look when you're filing(^.<)-☆

I hope this tiny bit of info can help you~!!

Thank you very much!!!

P.S This is the soup I made for New Years!!

It's very warm and tasty!
It's very good to have soup to relax your tummy,
especially after X'mas!!...oink!

See ya(^ω^)/