Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Nail Repair with Silk Wrap ♪

It's tutorial Tuesday~ 

Today I'd like to briefly show you 
how to repair a cracked fingernail using Silk Wrap.
Because I had a request from nicelyvarnished the other day. 
Thank you for asking!

These are the things we need...
1. Small scissors
2. Silk Wrap
3. Filler powder (clear)
4. Nail glue
5. An emery board (nail file)
6. Buffer/shiner

When the cracking happens on the nail bed (the pink part of your nail) like this,
it will be very painful to try removing the loose free edge.
But you can't leave it until the crack moves up 
because it could get caught on hair and fabrics!!! Ouch! 
So we need this treatment 

Step1. To stop the nail from cracking any further apply nail glue
on top of the crack. Allow it to dry thoroughly.

Step2. Apply a piece of Silk Wrap covering the entire width of the nail.

Step3. Let the silk absorb the glue and allow it to dry thoroughly.

Step4. Apply another coat of glue and sprinkle the Filler on top.
Once the glue is dried, dust off any excess filler with a piece of paper towel
and repeat this step 2 to 3 times.

Step5. When the nail becomes thick enough to support the crack,
file to contour and buff to shine 

That's it!
Were you able to understand with this short explanation??
If there is any questions please ask me 

Thank you for visiting~!!

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