Sunday, 28 February 2010

Ruffian Inspired Manicure & The most awesome gift

Ruffian Inspired Reversed Moon

There's this amazing manicure that I've been seeing around. The Ruffian Inspired or reversed moon mani as it's called. Since I adore moon mani's (Dita von Teese, wow), I wanted to try it! Also, I promised the lovely ladies from the Dutch boards to do a full mani, so here it is!

I've seen so many pretty ones already on the blogs, mine is a bit boring, but I like it nonetheless. It may look a bit better on shorter nails though, what do you think?
The colors I've used are China Glaze Millennium and OPI - Lincoln Park After dark matte. Only one coat of each! I never use the matte because I was so disappointed when I found out how dark it was, it's nothing like the original shade! However I think it fits well in this manicure. I'm definitely going to do this again, but with other colors.

Monkey Nail Polish Dryer

I also wanted to show you a gift my best friend gave me today! He also got me 3 gorgeous nail polishes, but you'll see them making an appearance on my blog soon enough ;-). Look at this cute little monkey! I absolutely adore it. What (the hell) is it, you might ask? It's a nail polish dryer! When you put your hands on the banana button, the monkey will blow air at you. It's so damn cute, it makes me feel all fuzzy inside. If you're reading this: dank je wel!!

You can obtain this cute little fellow at

This was it for today, dear readers! Take care and till next time.

Misa - A Sin Worth Committing

Misa A Sin Worth Committing

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to show you a very special polish. This amazing polish was a gift from Kyosuke, thank you sooo much, I love it! Kyosuke has been a faithful and very supportive reader from the moment I started blogging!

This nail polish by Misa is a true beauty, its name is A Sin Worth Committing and it belongs to the Poisoned Passion Collection that came out in 2008. I'm a sucker for blues, and this one's just perfect, not too dark or light and it's packed with amazing shimmer. This color takes me to far far away lands where stars happily sparkle and the nights never end. To top it all: the application was a dream too, I think Misa nail polishes may have the best formula I've experienced so far. They apply so smoothly and after 2 coats you're done and you can hop back on your carpet with Aladdin!

Misa A Sin Worth Committing

Thanks for stopping by and take care!

Saturday, 27 February 2010


I got this idea from Young Nails again! They are amazing! I am soooo glad I attended the Young Nails class I just wish they had one every week. These acrylic colors are from the Young Nails neon collection and I used polish to paint the tiger stripes!

I stole this idea from a very talented girl I met at a Young Nails art class. Thank you for the inspiration Krizia! I love your ideas!

This is 3d nail art that I created with acrylic. I put the 3d art right on the nail and then covered it with clear acrylic. The nail is smooth to the touch but you can still get the 3d effect. I have to admit I was proud of myself for doing these.

This is snakeskin print done on bright summer colors. I looooovvveee the snakeskin and this awesome client!

This is mirror confetti from Young Nails!

More sparkles nails!

This is some impression nail art. I love how vibrant these colors are!

Friday, 26 February 2010


These little babies I snagged for 70 cents each! Yup, from the same wig store :)

This is HOT!!!


This glitter is awesome. It is unlike any glitter I own, in that this has micro forest green glitter in it and the base appears to have a green tint to it as well. Man I wish this would have been buildable, shown is 4 coats. I need to try it over a green base.


Here are the other four bottles of Klean Color I picked up. The formula was exceptional on these and for $2 bucks each I can't beat that!




This was worn over Klean Color's Neon Pink.


I came across this brand of nail polish at the same wig supply store that I found the Klean Colors at. I had never heard of or seen this brand before and thought I would give a few bottles a go. These were $2 each. I thought they were just ok. I thought $2 was bit much for them since they are much smaller than the Klean Color ones and it is an unknown brand. I did like the three colors I picked out though. None have names, just numbers.