Monday, 3 October 2011

Office Nail Art ('-'*)♪

How are you??

To improve my quiet nails from yesterday,
I've added some hand painted tiaras on the half moon areas 

And then I used gold glitter nail polish 
to draw over the original lines.

I think I was able to improve a you think so too??

I'm sorry the shape of my thumbnail is really bad 
because its top left hand side corner cracked and came off a few days ago!! 
and I haven't fixed it yet becuz I'm lazy (;^ω^)
The rest of my nails are square, but only my thumbnail is
kind of like a half oval lol!!

I'm expecting to do some video shooting for acrylic nails tomorrow,
so I'll lose all of my natural free edges...!!
I'll talk more about this on Wed!

Tomorrow is Tutorial Tuesday!
I wonder what I should talk about???

Thank you very much for visiting!!
  Have a good night~(^3^)/xox

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